October 29, 2015 Last Updated 7:53 am

Apple TV app store goes live

The Apple TV app store has gone live this afternoon. For those who will be receiving their new devices tomorrow (only a few hours away in Australia) they will probably be asked to update the device’s software.

AppleTV-new-800bDevelopers who received units from Apple as part of the two rounds of developer lotteries, will need to go to the developer site and “restore” their Apple TV using the latest build (can’t miss it, it’s dated today).

Upon restoring the Apple TV and plugging it into a monitor they will see the new app store, which will look familiar to anyone who has been inside the iTunes App Store.

Developers are already disappointed to find that there are no categories inside the store to lead potential customers to their apps. Instead, the home page of the app store shows the apps that the App Store team has chosen to feature there. For a new app, one from an unknown brand or individual developer, the owner of the new Apple TV will need to search by name for the app. The discovery issues iOS developers have complained about appear built into the new Apple TV app store.

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