October 26, 2015 Last Updated 1:33 pm

Apple begins taking orders for new Apple TV, delivery later this week; Roku 4 review cancelled due to faulty device

Buyers presented with two storage options – 32 GB and 64 GB – as new model goes on sale ahead of opening of the Apple TV app store

The new Apple TV goes on sale today, and later this week shipments will begin for delivery on October 30 at the earliest.

Buyers will be presented with two options regarding storage: 32 GB at $149 or 64 GB at $199**. Ironically, Apple is offering more storage in its entry level Apple TV than they do with the iPhone 6s, which is offers a pathetic 16 GB of storage at the entry level.

AppleTV-410The reason for the storage options is that the with the launch of the Apple TV app store developers will be launching games and content channels for the Apple TV, just as they do for other iOS devices. Using the new tvOS, developers (including TNM) have been working on new offerings, and depending on whether the owner of the new Apple TV will be using the device as a gaming platform, or just to stream content, will determine what kind of storage will be needed.

(Developers: Apple released the gold master of tvOS last week, numbered 9.0 to match iOS.)

The new Apple TV doesn’t offer 4K streaming, which was a very odd choice. Apple is bragging that its new iPhones can record video in 4K, and it has recently updated iMovie in order to edit that video, but for now viewing that video will have to occur on the owners device or else on a Mac or PC (assuming the display is 4K or higher).

The Apple TV was, for a while, the number one streaming box on the market. But it has now been 33 months since Apple updated the Apple TV, inviting competitors to launch their own devices. Google and Amazon both have more advanced models than the current Apple TV device, but the market leader is Roku.

Roku launched its Roku 4 device this month, and “rushed out” may be the appropriate way to describe the device.

Roku4-310-The Roku 4 supports 4K streaming, but its remote is the exact same as previous models. My own Roku 4 arrived late last week and was as dead as a door nail and is currently sitting in its original UPS packaging waiting to be picked up for returning to Amazon.

I’ll likely wait a few months before considering buying an upgrade for my Roku 3 to see if they work out their manufacturing issues. For now, I cannot recommend buying a Roku 4, and if my device is a sign of what problems other buyers will encounter, Roku could be vulnerable to losing its number one position in the market.

I should also add that Roku support was not very helpful either, another problem the company seems to have right now.

That is good news for Apple, which has dramatically improved the performance of the new Apple TV by including the A8 chip with 2 GB of RAM. The remote is far better, as well, as it includes an area at the top which acts as a touchpad, and also includes Siri voice commands.

** International prices: Canada: $199/$269; UK: £129/£169; Eurozone: €179/€229; Australia: A$269/A$349; Japan: ¥18,400/¥24,800

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