October 23, 2015 Last Updated 9:48 am

Moving beyond publishing production & content dissemination

Guest column: Sam Geapin, Global Marketing Coordinator at Innovation Enterprise, discusses harnessing data, creating revenue streams and publishing across platforms

What does ‘digital publishing’ mean to you? Over the last year the industry has come on leaps & bounds. Media companies are moving beyond simple content dissemination and are looking to grow their audiences and revenue channels through the use of data, cross platform publishing and other technological developments.

Following the shift in focus towards content and customer retention, digital publishing now affects almost every business. Editors and publishers are not only working with strategy and marketing, but also finance teams in order to develop and deliver the right direction, promotional platforms and budgetary requirements.

digitalinn-275This year’s Digital Publishing Innovation Summit aims to explore new publishing platforms and to discuss the challenges and opportunities they present. Nowadays, we are overwhelmed with information – whether it’s on tablets, mobile or wearables – meaning we’re consuming content wherever we go. What matters most is ensuring content is engaging and relevant enough for the target audience. This challenge deepens when you consider that it must also be adapted to fit specific platforms, like mobile, or even the iWatch. The summit will have a panel dedicated to publishing on mobile and wearables, and will examine how the rise in consumption using new media platforms is demanding change in digital publishing. Panelists include Hearst and Dow Jones.

Audience growth and content strategy are not exactly new terms. Their importance, however, remains key. With the help of data, companies can target content accurately, which, in turn, compliments the content strategy they have in place, and ensures long-term audience development. It’s then up to the marketing team to make sense of the data. Choosing the right distribution channel is just as important as the content. At the summit, Vice, National Geographic and CBS Interactive will explore how to use data effectively.

The right data analysis will create unrivaled revenue opportunities. Monetization is a key step in the progress of digital publishing. Associated Press will explore content monetization, from subscriptions to advertising, sponsorship and more, while Forbes examines mobile content & commerce, as their VP of Sales addresses some of the crucial industry insights in her presentation on the commercial side of mobile content.

SG-140The Digital Publishing Innovation Summit has a unique ability to bring together senior leaders who are willing to share real case studies that offer insight into their business’s operations. The audience will come away with key takeaways rarely seen at other conferences. This year’s summit will take you through the journey, from harnessing data to fuel your decision making, to reaching your targeted audience, monetizing your content and publishing across numerous devices. Join 150+ attendees for 2 days of interactive discussions in San Francisco, and meet the biggest brands & leaders working to develop continued success within the digital sphere. And most importantly, make some new contacts who you can collaborate with!

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