October 20, 2015 Last Updated 10:23 am

British Journal of Photography says it now reaches ‘1,000,000 creative individuals’

With the release of the new digital edition app for Professional Photography (see TNM post here) it is interesting to see who another UK photography magazine is dealing with its digital editions.

BJP-iPhone6-360The British Journal of Photography is a very much different photography magazine, or at least it feels that way to me.

Launched in 1854 as the Liverpool Photographic Journal, the magazine was sold by its owner Incisive Media to its publishing director, who formed Apptitude Media. The magazine was one of the first to adopt the Mag+ digital publishing platform, and was the first to use that platform to create an iPhone edition with the solution.

The magazine is touting its audience to the media, claiming that the magazine now reaches 1M “creative individuals”. Of course, claims like this are a bit hard to verify as each of the audience segments would have to be counted and the source of the data inspected. Then there is the issue of duplication, of course.

But let’s not quibble (though it feels like a stretch to me). Here is the infographic they sent you today to celebrate their achievement:


  • Brad Burchards 2 years ago

    This much individuals listed is a great way to share and discuss ideas as well as discover new talent.