October 16, 2015 Last Updated 10:22 am

NME partners with MEC and Netflix on magazine’s first native cover wrap

The cover of the Time Inc. UK magazine will be ‘Bojack’ed’ by the programme’s creators, illustrating cover stars Foals in the style of the cartoon

London, England – October 16, 2015NME is partnering with MEC and Netflix in a deal spanning print and digital to promote season two of Netflix original series ‘BoJack Horseman’. The partnership sees NME’s first native cover wrap and includes editorial content exclusive to NME from the writers of the animated sitcom.

The cover of this week’s NME magazine will be ‘Bojack’ed’ by the programme’s creators, illustrating cover stars Foals in the style of the cartoon. A digital overlay on NME.COM will create the impression of the site being hijacked by BoJack Horseman with GIFs leading to exclusive content.


Across print and digital, two items of content are contributed by the BoJack writers and six items co-created with NME, advising students on how to survive university. Features include character Todd’s top tips for getting through university; a guide to university dating according to BoJack Horseman; and 10 shows every student should watch. Bojack is also taking over the regular ‘10 Things We Like’ franchise, with all items available to be won on NME.COM; and artist Example interviews Bojack on music, film and his career.

Romano Sidoli, group advertising director of NME, says: “We are experts at embedding commercial partners into the NME brand, creating ingenious content that fits with our partners’ ethos and resonates with our audience. Our first-ever cover wrap sees us take an existing solution and bring something new to it. Print is important, but this campaign demonstrates how NME can creatively translate solutions across all platforms.”

The deal was brokered by Benedict Ransley, creative media manager for NME, and MEC for Netflix.

Source: Time Inc. UK

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