October 16, 2015 Last Updated 3:38 pm

First look: ‘The Out of Chaos Magazine’ from Rods and Cones

Launched by a color management consultancy, the new quarterly offers those in the printing and graphics industry a well-designed, informative, digital magazine experience

The color management consultancy Rods and Cones from Santa Cruz, Calif. has released a new digital magazine app into the Apple App Store. The publication, called The Out of Chaos Magazine, will be published quarterly and cover issues involving the graphics and printing industries.

OutofChaos-cover-800Erica Aiken, who is publisher and designer for the new digital magazine, reached out to TNM to look at the new magazine, and I’m glad she did.

The new magazine is free, and it will not only inform its readers, but serve as a calling card for Rods and Cones, which does business with advertising agencies, photo studios, prepress services agencies, printers, and in-house creative group, according to the company’s website.

Although the app was just released in mid-September, the app’s issue store page comes already filled with four issues to download, the oldest dating back to September 2013. The reason for this, Rich Apollo from Rods and Cones told me, is that the digital magazines had previously been released as individual stand-alone apps. This one brings it all together into one app – a Newsstand app, if you will, though I suppose I’ll have to stop using that term now that the Newsstand has become merely a folder (and this app will install on your tablet outside any folder just like other apps).

In addition to being available inside the Apple App Store, the magazine app has also been launched for the Kindle Fire into Amazon’s app store.

OutofChaos-aniThe digital magazine app was built using the Twixl Publisher platform** and the magazine is designed to be read in either portrait and landscape.

The well-designed articles contain quite a bit of animation and other digital elements. The editor’s column, for instance, has very appropriate survey form that asks readers if they read magazines on their smartphones – I’d certainly be interested in the results, as well as the number of readers who submit answers.

But the font choices and page layouts are very much inspired by print magazine design, something that is increasingly rare these days as so many digital magazine pages end up too often looking like mobile websites.

Aitken, who along with Son Do is co-founder of Rods and Cones, said that she is exploring a smartphone version. She said she has experimented with using Adobe Muse to build the magazine pages, which I found interesting and would love to see at some point on my own iPhone.

The Out of Chaos Magazine is a digital magazine that seems to do everything right – from building native digital designs, to making sure traditional magazine elements like staff boxes are included. As the digital magazine issues are free, and involve a subject I know many TNM readers will find interesting, there is no reason not to download the app and check out the magazine for yourself.

** You can find Twixl Publisher included in TNM’s second edition of the Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms.

  • Kitty Jenks 2 years ago

    This is such a fun publication! It’s professionally laid out, very interactive and fun to read mostly because it’s so much more than a magazine. Thank you for drawing my attention to this little gem.