October 14, 2015 Last Updated 12:41 pm

School of Media Sciences at Rochester Institute of Tech. releases new Adobe DPS app

The ‘RIT Media Sciences’ iPhone and iPad app profiles the curriculum and faculty at the university, built using the recently launched Adobe Digital Publishing Solution

The early days of digital publishing platforms saw the release of many new digital publications from a wide variety of sources. It was, frankly, very exciting to see so many new digital publications – and at a time when the magazine trade press was constantly saying that new magazine launches were declining. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

RIT-HomePageThe launch of the new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution may spur yet another little increase in new digital publications – though “apps” may be a better term, as the model is less print magazines than websites and other media.

The School of Media Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology has released a new Adobe DPS app into the Education category. RIT Media Sciences serves as a digital brochure for the school, explaining the curriculum and faculty, while generally promoting the school and its media studies.

“The School of Media Sciences focuses on educating for management, production and distribution of content through platforms including web, print, mobile and social media,” the app states in the section About the App.

“The school sees the introduction of Adobe Digital Publishing Solution as an opportunity for interactive publishing to coincide with the constant push of new content that we see in app devices today.”

RIT-staffI think that is a little awkwardly stated, but it conveys the same sort of enthusiasm we saw back in 2010 when Apple first launched the iPad, and we began to see universities begin to experiment with the new publishing platform.

The team behind the new universal iOS app are credited as student researchers Hayden Wagner and Olivia Konys, with the advisors being Christine Heusner and Graham Anthony, both on the faculty at the RIT School of Media Sciences. Well done, guys.

The project sponsor was Ivan Mironchuk who is Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Digital Publishing at Adobe and who received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

I suppose it is also time for a shout-out to Abilene Christian University, who in April of 2010 was the first school to launch a digital magazine app when it released a tablet version of The Optimist into the Apple App Store (see this TNM post from April 6, 2010). It is the spirit of their effort that is echoed here with the new RIT Media Sciences app.

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