October 12, 2015 Last Updated 10:01 am

McClatchy moves to close foreign bureaus, bring back correspondents to DC

The publisher of the Miami Herald and Sacramento Bee and other newspapers, McClatchy, will be closing their foreign bureaus as part of a reorganization of the company’s Washington DC bureau, confirming rumors that were circulating late last week.

McClatchy news chief Anders Gyllenhaal informed staff in a memo, obtained by Poynter.

The reorganization will supposedly not cost any jobs as foreign correspondents are to be brought back to the US, but it is likely that one or more may choose to stay abroad.

“Our Washington operation will reorganize to place most of its emphasis on regional stories and political coverage. A significant amount of our reporting resources will be devoted to these beats and assignments, including a “strike force” team to pursue enterprise and developing stories and a database team to work with newsrooms on data-driven coverage,” Gyllenhaal wrote.

“With this shift, the handling of international coverage will change. Our foreign correspondents, many of our most veteran reporters, will return to the U.S. to play prominent roles at home. We’ll continue to undertake international projects on in-depth stories, working with individual McClatchy newsrooms and with partners around the world, as we’ve been doing this past year on topics ranging from the Nicaraguan canal to the pipeline of synthetic drugs coming into the U.S. from China. The coverage of Latin America and the Caribbean by The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald, a brand of regional coverage for the readers of both papers, will not change.”

Only six weeks ago McClatchy president and CEO Pat Talamantes denied rumors that the foreign bureaus would be shuttered.

“We have not made any decision to close our foreign bureaus and are proud of the reporting our staff has provided to our readers over the years,” Talamantes said in the statement issued in late August.

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