October 5, 2015 Last Updated 2:58 pm

The New York Times begins promoting Times Insider as an add-on subscription option

Times Insider gives readers in an inside look at how the NYT journalists and editors do their jobs – of course, they want you to pay to be a newspaper voyeur

The New York Times has been doing some celebrating today, choosing today to celebrate hitting the one million mark for digital subscriptions. Never mind that they actually did that a while ago, the paper has chosen today to mark the historic achievement. It is certainly a good day to do it as most of the other news company out of the <strong>newspaper industry, especially here in Chicago, has been pretty bad.

Insider-NYTToday the Times sent its digital subscribers a new offer to subscribe to Times Insider. The promotion features a nice looking landing page and a promotional offer: 8 weeks free, then $8 every 4 weeks.

Times Insider is the ultimate in naval gazing, with “behind the scenes” stories about the Times, from the Times, celebrating the Times. I think retired journalists would love it, but otherwise I am a little hard pressed to want to see journalists doing their jobs, it’s their product that I care about.

Times Insider has been part of the Premier package that the NYT likes to promote constantly, but otherwise I have not heard much about it. Most search results only reference it in regard to Times Premier, but I guess Times Insider has been around awhile. You know, I think I can live without this subscription, I already have enough, including one for the NYT. There is a limit on how many subscriptions someone can have, you know.

Speaking of news about the news industry…

Dan Abrams went on Twitter to tease an announcement set for tomorrow. Who knows what it could be, maybe a sale of Abrams Media, publisher of Mediaite? Tune in tomorrow, I guess.

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