October 2, 2015 Last Updated 4:58 pm

PressPad introduces Kindle Fire apps for publishers

The digital publishing platform PressPad has added support for Kindle Fire apps. The company also said it will soon be launching its service in Japan.

PressPad is a PDF based platform that adds support for push notifications, embedded video, links and other features including app statistics.


“We think this might be very interesting offer for publishers as Amazon Appstore is not as crowded as Apple’s and Google’s are. And what’s even more important Kindle Fire users are, more likely readers,” Wojtek Szywalski, Content Marketing Manager at PressPad told TNM.

“Our current publishers will be able to add Kindle support to their plans for competitive pricing, unless they are on Pro plans, then Kindle support is included.”

PressPad has created a new landing page for its Kindle Fire support.

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