October 2, 2015 Last Updated 11:43 am

Media app updates: iOS 9 bug fixes increase in frequency; Hyper adds Bluetooth speaker support

The past few years media app developers have dreaded the introduction of new version iOS, many times having to update their apps as readers complained of crashes and other bugs. Sometimes it really was not the fault of the apps, but the subscription fulfillment services the publishers were using, but readers – as everyone knows – sees all app issues as the fault of the publisher.

The release of iOS 9 has gone a little smoother, but we are now seeing more bug fix updates being released.

TheNYer-cover-220Condé Nast, for instance, has updated The New Yorker digital edition app that fixes “some display bugs on device” – but this is the first update since the release of iOS 9 so doesn’t necessarily mean continuing problems due to the new iOS.

Likewise, PBS has updated its PBS Video app for the first time since the release of iOS 9, fixing a crash issue that they blame on iOS 9. (The update also adds some station affiliates.)

Other updates that merely mention “bug fixes” include the Adobe Content Viewer (used to preview digital editions created using Adobe DPS); Netflix, which always limits their app descriptions to “bug fixes”; and Twitter, which uses the term “minor improvements” rather than bug fixes.

The Twitter update is a little different in that this is the third update since the release of iOS 9. Twitter likes to update its app every two weeks, but has been forced to issue other updates since iOS 9 was launched.

A few updates are just as much about adding new features as fixing bugs.

Hyper-2-iPadHyper has updated its app to version 1.3 and added support for Bluetooth speakers. This is a nice addition as their app is what they are calling a video magazine. (See here for TNM’ First Look at the Hyper magazine app.)

If you have purchased a new receiver recently you will know that many models now come with support for Bluetooth which allows you to stream content from your mobile device to your sound system. I find Bluetooth on my Denon receive a far superior solution than AirPlay.

Another more extensive update is for Glose, the social eBook reading app. Their update, and the app description for it, may break some records for its detail.

But they kind of cheated by also including the detail for the previous update. Here is the new information (minus the version 1.6 stuff):

What’s New in Version 1.7
Glose 1.7 is iOS 9 and 3D touch ready !We’ve added 3D touch shortcut items, on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus you will be able to quickly and directly access our bookstore and your 3 last opened books!
We also support 2 new iOS 9 features,

  • We index your books and friends into the iOS Spotlight, so you can search books you read on Glose directly from an iOS search which was made better than ever on iOS 9 !
  • We fully support the new iOS 9 iPad multitasking split view feature, you can use Glose alongside any other applications supporting this feature like Safari. If you want to read a book and have Safari open alongside for references and searches you can!

We also added a ton of fixes to make the app works great with any iOS 9 devices.

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