October 2, 2015 Last Updated 5:07 pm

Apple devices reportedly turning off on their own under iOS 9

No, you’re not losing your mind! Your iPhone (or iPad) really did just shut itself off, as odd bug associated with iOS 9 is being more widely reported by iOS device owners

The rumor sites are starting to report that Apple iOS devices are randomly turning off on their own. Such reports are easily dismissed as random problems… that is, until happens to you.

iphone_6_logo-340I discovered this today when trying to wake up my iPad mini only to discover that it needed to restart.

It is an odd bug, and one that will be hard to intentionally replicate. One doesn’t know when it will happen, and it doesn’t seem to be initiated by any action on the part of the owner.

But I have an idea: it only seems to happen when the device’s display has shutdown. This, as any mobile device owner knows, occurs all the time in order to save battery life. But I’ve heard no reports that their iPhone or iPad is shutting while in use, it seems to always be discovered when trying to wake up their device.

One last thing: waking up the device seems to automatically begin the process of rebooting.

So, if you suddenly find your iPhone or iPad rebooting on its own, don’t panic. It’s not the end of the world… it is a bug. An annoying bug, but one that appears to be fairly harmless. Better than losing WiFi, or dropped calls, or lost data, right?

Well, yes, but if it is your iPhone doing this… that’s a big problem.

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