October 1, 2015 Last Updated 1:24 pm

No surprise, research proves millennials play dominant role on the top social media sites

Here is some research from GfK MRI that won’t come as much of a surprise: millennials account for the largest share of this using the top social media sites. Also, men seem to use LinkedIn and Twitter more than women, while women use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest more than men. No uses Google+ (OK, the report doesn’t say that).

The problem for traditional media companies in this is that advertisers want to reach those millennials and so are increasing giving a larger share of their ad budgets to these social media sites – great for them, not so great for everyone else. It may get even worse if ad blockers continue to grow in use.

Of course, this is one reason media properties such as The New York Times and others are so eagerly embracing Facebook Instant Articles and others being created.

Here is the short, but sweet press release from GfK MRI:

NEW YORK, NY – October 1, 2015 — The latest research from GfK MRI shows that Millennials play a dominant role on many of the top social media sites. This coveted consumer generation represents 70% of Instagram users and 61% on Twitter.

The GfK MRI data also reveal that the median age of Facebook users is 40 — up from 29 in 2009. The median ages of other social site users are 44 for LinkedIn, 42 for Google+, 38 for Pinterest, 38 for YouTube, 32 for Twitter, and 30 for Instagram.

GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer® is a single-source database derived from continuous surveys of approximately 25,000 U.S. adults annually. In addition to use of all major media, GfK MRI measures consumption of over 6,500 products and services in nearly 600 categories.

According to GfK MRI, LinkedIn has the highest median household income (approximately $112,500) and the highest education levels among the top social media, photo, or video-sharing sites. Two-thirds (65%) of LinkedIn users fall into the “graduated college plus” category, compared to 29% of all adults. Pinterest users rank second in education level, with 41% registering as “graduated college plus.”

Across the seven major social and photo/video sharing sites, men outnumber women among users in just three: LinkedIn (55% of users versus 45%), Twitter (54% to 46%) and YouTube (51% to 49%) . Women are the majority of users of Facebook (57% versus 43%), Google+ (53% to 47%), Instagram (60% to 40%) and Pinterest (81% to 19%).

“These results clearly show that many of the social media applications are becoming mainstream, which bodes well for the long term viability of those companies,” said Florian Kahlert, Managing Director of GfK MRI. “At the same time, this growing acceptance raises the bar for media planners (and inventory sellers), because just adding social media sites to a plan without other sophisticated targeting no longer automatically increases your younger or savvy target groups.”

Source: GfK MRI

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