October 1, 2015 Last Updated 9:48 am

News Corp UK bundling WSJ, Times in drive to increase readership in The City

News Corp’s US unit announces sale of the Amplify digital education businesses to its existing management team following earlier round of layoffs

The Guardian is reporting that News Corp UK is beginning to bundle two of its properties together to drive circulation: The Times and The Wall Street Journal. News Corp earlier this summer relaunched its European and Asian editions.

WSJ-Europe-300The deal is for corporate customers and is available when the reader signs up for one of the publications, the other is then offered for free.

In the US, News Corp announced the sale of its Amplify digital education businesses to the existing management team. The move follows a recent round of layoffs that hit the company. The new company will be led by Larry Berger who previously co-founded Wireless Generation. Amplify was launched following the acquisition of Wireless Generation and was by Joel Klein, a former member of the Clinton administration who was once Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education.

“We are extremely proud of the crucial work that the Amplify team has done to create a digital platform for the future. It is tragic that so many children are digitally literate but functionally illiterate, and it has been the cherished vision of all at Amplify to ensure that students, regardless of their background, have access to a contemporary curriculum delivered on a contemporary platform,” said Robert Thomson, Chief Executive of News Corp. in the company’s sale announcement.

The day before the sale announcement Amplify informed staff that there would be layoffs – the figure being reported is around 500 positions were cut.

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