October 1, 2015 Last Updated 6:53 am

Global Eagle Entertainment and Zinio in deal to add magazine catalog to global inflight service

While the circulation of many digital magazines have fallen, or at least stopped growing, there have been some bright spots for digital magazine readership. The Next Issue Media newsstand, now rebranded and redesigned as Texture, has driven growth in single copy digital circulation, and a couple of digital newsstands that are in the public and corporate library space have increased the availability of digital magazines.

Zinio-iPhone5-lgOne of those companies, one that has been around since 2001, is Zinio. It has its own digital newsstand with apps for the various mobile platforms, and has been using its partnership with Recorded Books to increase the number of libraries offering access to digital magazines to their patrons.

Yesterday, Zinio and Global Eagle Entertainment announced an agreement that will add Zinio’s portfolio of magazines to GEE’s AIRREAD service.

The importance of this, I believe, is that as more and more consumers get used to reading digital magazines while traveling, or accessing them through public libraries, then more consumers may want to read digital magazines at home and buy them through their mobile devices.

Zinio, by the way, updated its apps recently, introducing a new logo, as well as fixing some app bugs.

Here is the announcement from GEE and Zinio:

LOS ANGELES, Calif – September 30, 2015Global Eagle Entertainment Inc., a worldwide provider of aircraft connectivity systems, operations solutions and media content to the travel industry, and Zinio, a multichannel magazine content distributor, today announced a new agreement aimed at satisfying airline passengers’ voracious appetite for inflight reading.

gee-logoAs part of the deal, Zinio is adding more than 3,000 global magazine titles in over 50 languages to the GEE catalog of over 7,000 digital books and newspapers. The content is available in tailored regional and route-specific lineups, based on passenger preferences and destinations, on airline seatback systems via GEE’s AIRREAD service or on passenger smartphones and tablets through the GEE AIRTIME portal.

Reading is a favorite inflight pastime among airline passengers.1 The GEE-Zinio alliance makes carry-on reading materials a thing of the past, with easy access to digital reading content. Zinio’s inflight entertainment licensing agreement adds the world’s largest digital newsstand to the GEE content library and puts the most popular magazine titles, such as Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Esquire, Condé Nast Traveler and National Geographic at the fingertips of millions of airline passengers.

“Zinio is very proud to be partnering with Global Eagle Entertainment to bring an unmatched selection of digital magazines to airline passengers around the world,” said Joan Solà, Zinio EVP Chief Global Markets. “Digital magazines, integrated with GEE’s leading IFE services, will offer new and exciting opportunities, including access to a greater selection of the best content for passengers and new content distribution models for airlines and publishers.”

“Global Eagle Entertainment delivers 500,000 content titles in 50 languages to more than 150 airlines worldwide every year, and the addition of Zinio’s impressive digital magazine newsstand further positions GEE as the go-to inflight content provider to the airline and travel industry,” noted Walé Adepoju, Chief Commercial Officer for Global Eagle Entertainment. “Inflight reading is increasingly a cornerstone of GEE’s business and commitment to delivering the best airline passenger experience possible.”

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