September 30, 2015 Last Updated 2:01 pm

New Apple software releases, updates: El Capitan for the Mac, iOS 9.0.2 for mobile devices

Apple’s new generation of OS X now allows third party apps to be used with Photos, but is mostly about performance improvements for Mac owners

This afternoon will be one featuring major software updates, it appears. Apple has released its second update to iOS 9, and now Mac owners will be able to download Mac OX 10.11, otherwise known as El Capitan (I’m looking for one that honor’s LA’s skid row).


El Capitan is one of those updates that is less about new features than cleaning up and streamlining the code. But the software does have some new features including a new split view, a more powerful Spotlight search, full-screen support for Mail, a new Notes app, and more.

One feature that I am most interested in involves Photos. With El Capitan, Apple is now allowing third party editing apps to be used inside its photo software. Right now, Photos is a nice place to collect your pics, but as a photo editor is certainly can’t be used for anything other than the bare minimum amount of editing. This could change things a bit.

If you are not immediately upgrading to El Capitan you will notice an update for Safari that will apply to Yosemite. Safari 9.0 adds controls to mute audio in tabs and features some security updates.

iOS9-update2iOS device owners also were notified that iOS 9.0.2 is now available.

The update fixes (hopefully) an issue involving settings and turning on and off cellular data usage, fixes an activation problem with iMessage (I thought the app was now called Messages), and some other fixes and security updates.

Not to beat a dead horse, but maybe now Apple’s software team can concentrate on a new version of iTunes – I know that is a big request, but come on already. (And App Store team, want to check out the categories under Magazines & Newspapers?).

  • Niza 2 years ago

    after update 9.0.2 on 4S imessage activation still not working….

  • Anthony Sollecito 2 years ago

    After downloading IOS 9.0.2 the images on Instagram are pixelated. Same with iOS 9.0.1. Seems anti aliasing is turned off.

  • Niza 2 years ago

    ipad 2 after 2 attempts stll stuck in “connect to itunes”..iphone 4S after 9.0.2 imessage still not activated and whatsapp sends audio notification only in some cases..the 9.0.2 seems to have caused more trouble and no help what so ever. Wake up APPLE!!!!!!