September 30, 2015 Last Updated 4:27 pm

Apple releases iBooks Author update, pop-over widget support for ePub templates

It has been a busy day for Apple platform updates. iOS 9.0.2 was a minor fix update to its mobile operating system (minor, unless you were suffer cellular data issues), and then the latest editions of Mac OS X was released, El Capitan. You can read about those updates here.
Then this afternoon Apple released iBooks Author 2.4. Well, they tried to, at least. For a while Apple keep releasing iBA 2.3 to users as an update. Every few minutes my Mac App Store would inform me that I had an update for iBooks Author waiting, but it was the same version previous released in early summer than brought iBooks support for the iPhone, as well as some ePub templates.

But then Apple got their act together and out came iBooks Author 2.4. It is a minor update, sadly, but at least there may still be someone working on the software occasionally at Apple.


The original iBA was released with templates that allowed the designer to create one type of eBook experience for the iPad when in landscape, and another when in portrait. It would seem to be that this is the solution we need for the iPhone. Things are moving slow, but maybe one day.

Then, of course, there is the dream of so many eBook designers that we will one day have a universal design platform. Keep dreaming, I’m not optimistic about that one.

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