September 29, 2015 Last Updated 8:49 am

Annual Gallup poll shows the American public continues to distrust the media

Trust in the media remains at record low levels, according to a new report from the polling firm Gallup. In its annual report on the media, only 40 percent of Americans say they trust US media either a great deal or a fair amount.

Trust in the media by younger Americans has been lower than that of the general adult population since 2011, but actually went up one point in Gallup’s latest survey.


Those who identify themselves as Republicans continue to distrust the media far more than those who say they are Democrats. While 55 percent of Democrats say they trust the media a great deal or a fair amount, only 32 percent of Republicans say the same – though this is actually up five points from last year, an election year. Independents, though, now distrust the media nearly as much as Republicans.

Gallup says trust in the media generally goes down in election years, but this year there appears to be no upward bounce for the media.

It should be noted, though I’m sure Gallup would prefer it not, that in the last Presidential election cycle, Gallup was deemed the least accurate of all the polling services. According to Nate Silver, then still at the NYT, Gallup showed a 7.2 point bias in favor of the Republicans and all the way into late October said Romney was leading President Obama in its poll.

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