September 28, 2015 Last Updated 10:50 am

Digital book publishing platform ‘Pronoun’ launches today

A new self-publisher book services is set to launch today, Pronoun. The service promises that it allows authors to sell their eBooks through all the major digital bookstores, inlacing Amazon, B&N and iBooks (though one imagines what they mean is basic eBooks, not interactive eBooks, can be sold everywhere**).

Of course, non-interactive eBooks are the fast majority of the market, so many authors will be interested in what Pronoun has to offer. Their site is still under wraps, but is due to debut today.

Pronoun is formerly known as Vook, having rebranded earlier this year. The company recently announced $3.5 million in new funding from Avalon Ventures. At the same time as its funding announcement, Pronoun announced that Stefan Pepe, who formerly served as Director of Amazon’s North American books division, had joined its Board of Advisors.

Vook, before its conversion to Pronoun, had acquired the real-time data and analytics service Booklr, which has been incorporated into what Pronoun can offer authors.

Pronoun will be offering authors 100 percent of their book earnings – minus standard retailer fees, of course. That likely means that their business model involves making their money on their other services, which include editing, designing marketing services, sales tracking, and the like.

Update: Pronoun’s new website is now live.

Here is the announcement for Pronoun:

New York City – September 28, 2015 – Today, Pronoun, the digital book publishing platform, announced the official launch of its end-to-end solution for the creation, distribution, and marketing of books online. With digital platforms transforming every other creative industry from video to music, Pronoun meets the need for authors who seek technology to help them create, distribute, and intelligently market their work without sacrificing control or paying exorbitant fees.

Pronoun-208“The publishing industry treats authors like cogs in its machine – not as the creative foundation upon which their long-standing businesses are built,” said Josh Brody, Chief Executive Officer, Pronoun. “With Pronoun, we put authors at the heart of every decision we make as we invest in the power of technology to transform this market. Digital platforms are paving the way for creators across every media industry. We believe books are next.”

Unlike any other digital book publishing platform, with Pronoun authors pay no upfront costs, sell on all major retailer channels, and retain 100% of their books’ earnings after standard retailer fees. As the most author-friendly publishing model, Pronoun enables bestselling writers and first-time novelists alike to publish for free immediately, without handing over their earnings or control over their rights, and with no gatekeeper approval.

“We’re clearing away more than a hundred years of dust that has settled on the publishing industry and its business model. Over the past few years, our team built a platform that respects everything we love about books, but embraces the new reality of how people discover, purchase, and read them,” said Ben Zhuk, Chief Product Officer, Pronoun. “With Pronoun, authors get the control and support they need so they can spend more time doing what they love – writing.”

At launch, Pronoun lets authors:

  • Create Beautiful Digital Books: Convert an edited manuscript to a professionally designed ebook that is compatible with every e-reader and mobile device. Manage cover art, layout, book descriptions, and keywords in a step-by-step interface.
  • Sell Everywhere: Instantly distribute to all major retail channels: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Google Play, and Kobo. Make unlimited, free updates to metadata.
  • Market With Analytics: Access the largest proprietary dataset on the digital book market and see relevant, real-time data on books, categories, and market trends. Receive customized suggestions on pricing, categories, keywords, and more – all based on hard data, not guesswork. Track sales, marketing activities, and milestones through a single platform.
  • Get Live Notifications: Opt in to get proactive alerts on daily sales, new book reviews, when books enter a bestseller list, or when an action can improve a book’s position on retailers’ sites.
  • Receive Consolidated Monthly Payments: Get convenient electronic payments for sales across all retailers in a single monthly deposit.
  • Free ISBN: Get a free ISBN for every book published on Pronoun.
  • Build a Publishing Team: Access Pronoun’s network of vetted professional service providers, including editors, cover designers, copy editors, and publicists.


** One of the big disappointments with last year’s Adobe MAX was the huge emphasis on the capabilities of InDesign to create interactive eBooks, yet only sell those books in a few outlets, and definitely not via Amazon. Although the company’s presentations were very well done, most book producers I spoke to ended up leaving disappointed that their biggest problem, how to get their interactive books onto Amazon Kindles in a way that preserved their animations, slideshows, and the rest had still not been addressed.

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