September 25, 2015 Last Updated 4:10 pm

iBooks Author enjoying a newfound renaissance

With the first iBooks Author Conference soon to be held in Nashville, executive producer Bradley Metrock discusses the progress made in Apple’s eBook software solution

On January 19, 2012, Apple released iBooks Author: the company’s HTML5-enabled, multimedia-driven content creation software intended to usher in a new age of enhanced ebooks.

iBA-resource-370From January 20, 2012, through late October 2014, mostly what iBooks Author ushered in was an age of frustration.

  • Frustration at Apple for too many bugs.
  • Frustration at Apple for not enough updates.
  • Frustration at Apple for that one update in 2013 which broke custom fonts and required an emergency fix.
  • Frustration at Apple for not ever telling anybody what’s going to happen.
  • Frustration at Apple for whispering when it speaks about iBooks Author, rather than yelling from the rafters like it does when addressing the latest hardware.
  • Frustration at Apple for an iBooks Store that inhibits discovery of iBooks Author-created content.
  • Frustration at Apple publishing an iBooks Author resource, the iBooks Author Starter Kit, that was broken and unreadable at launch and required (you guessed it) an emergency fix.
  • Frustration at Apple for not allowing iBooks Author-created content that more resembles an app than a book to be available in both the App Store and iBooks Store.

I could go on. But finally, things started to change.

October 2014’s release of a joyously refined and feature-rich update to iBooks Author (version 2.2), resonated within the community of people still paying attention after all this time: Apple is taking this seriously. And we didn’t even know.

And in June 2015, Apple released version 2.3, adding iPhone support for iBooks Author content (instantaneously adding an incredible 200M+ new devices compatible with iBooks Author books) and, if that weren’t enough, version 2.3 also allows cross-platform content to be created in iBooks Author via the EPUB file format.

Today, professionals from almost every field imaginable are using iBooks Author.

We sit two weeks away from the first-ever iBooks Author Conference, where a growing community of vanguard digital content creators (from organizations small and large) will venture to Nashville, Tennessee, to share best practices with iBooks Author and its own growing, fertile ecosystem of third-party service providers that have sprouted up to support this remarkable software. (See the iBooks Author Conference’s musical tribute introduction: The History of iBooks Author.)

The thought of any of this happening, back in 2012, would’ve been laughable.

And while work always remains to be done (wouldn’t a PC-based iBooks-reading app be nice?), iBooks Author is already in rarified air: it allows users to produce professional-grade, next-generation interactive, multimedia books, and effortlessly publish them to over 200 million devices worldwide.

Welcome to an amazing time to be alive. Welcome to the renaissance of iBooks Author.

Bradley Metrock is CEO of Score Publishing and executive producer of the iBooks Author Conference. More information on Score Publishing’s iBooks Author-related services can be found at www.iBooksAuthor.Services.

  • Andrea Santilli 2 years ago

    Is there any possibility that I can be added to your list of iBooks Author developers? Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m also providing training workahops@schools. All the best, Andrea

    • Bradley Metrock 2 years ago

      Andrea – yes, we’d love to add you to the directory of iBA talent on iBooksAuthor.Services. Send your information (like it is on the website for some of the others) to and we’ll add it right away. Thanks – Bradley