September 25, 2015 Last Updated 1:40 pm

First look: Digital edition app for ‘donna hay fresh + light’ debuts inside the App Store, Google Play

Quarterly print magazine was launched last month by News Life Media, with native digital edition apps released last week that are sure to please fans of the Australian food stylist

The announcement that Apple would be killing off the Newsstand and replacing it with a simple folder didn’t put to an end the release of new digital edition apps – but it certainly slowed it to a trickle. And since the release of iOS 9 last week, the number of new digital edition apps that have been released that look very much like the old Newsstand apps has almost stopped completely.

DH-1-aniBut if you launch a new print magazine, do you still launch a digital app? Australia’s News Life Media had that decision to make with the launch of a new quarterly magazine for the Donna Hay brand and chose to continue their digital edition efforts by releasing an excellent new app for the new title.

donna hay fresh + light was released two days before Apple released iOS 9, and shortly after the publisher had debuted the print edition. The new digital edition app is completely native, which shouldn’t be a surprise as donna hay magazine, the monthly magazine that bears the food stylist’s name, is highly regarded by readers inside the iTunes store. “The BEST iPad magazine ever,” says one reader, and “What every digital magazine should be like,” writes another.

donna hay fresh + light is similarly well done and certainly should be popular with those who loved the original digital edition app. The new magazine is a quarterly and costs $12.99 to subscribe, though readers can try out the magazine for 30 days by signing up for a subscription.

dh-2-ani“Donna Hay is one of the world’s leading food thinkers and through the products she produces for her brand, she creates trends,” Fiona Nilsson,, NewsLifeMedia’s group publisher of food brands, said. “fresh + light is just that, creating a movement around luxe-health that perfectly complements donna hay magazine.”

“When Donna’s fresh + light special issue was released earlier this year, we were confident it would be popular. When the issue sold out and our readers and advertising partners were asking for more, we knew we had to extend the brand and make this a regular part of the donna hay publishing cycle,” said Nilsson.

The new app for the magazine has also been released into <strong>Google Play – and it, too, is the same native digital edition. This is all a good sign for those who remain excited about the possibilities of digital edition apps, and would like to see them continue to improve.

As a side note, the original donna hay magazine app was first looked at here at TNM when first launched in October of 2011. Reading that old post (here) one is struck by the fact that we were all still talking about such issues as whether digital editions should support landscape layouts. Just a couple of weeks later Apple debuted the Newsstand, and shortly thereafter publishers began to report a spike in downloads and sales.

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