September 24, 2015 Last Updated 1:38 pm

UphoricTV, a global festival TV network, to arrive this fall on Verizon’s go90 platform

Music channel will debut on Verizon’s soon to launch over-the-top service, as digital media entrepreneurs see that breaking into television is possible without cable companies deals

Here is another example of where TV is going: a new network dedicated to the global festival circuit, UphoricTV. The new offering will be offered on Verizon’s go90, the carrier’s over-the-top service to debut soon.

go90-600From what was a trickle of movement towards Internet based TV are seeing a flood, and the new Apple TV with its app store has not even appeared yet. This new network has signed up with Verizon, but there are hints here that they are looking at other platforms, as well.

(Verizon has lined up Comedy Central, Food Network, ESPN, Scripps, HuffPost Live, NFL Network, DreamWorks Animation’s AwesomenessTV and Vice Media, among others, and will be supported by apps from both iOS and Android.)

The question I have is if the traditional publishers are seeing this, or just assuming that they not appropriate for OTT opportunities. They would be wrong, of course. After all, it was not that long ago that newspaper and magazine companies worked to acquire broadcast properties in order to diversify their holdings. Now, with print being spun-off, those new print exclusive companies should be looking to get back into the game – even if they are contractually prevented from buying local broadcast stations I bet they are not contractually prevented from OTT efforts.

Here is the announcement for UphoricTV:

New York, NY – September 24, 2015 — New York-based entertainment marketing firm UG Strategies, in partnership with U.S. based experiential production and culture marketing company, Corso Agency, announce the launch of UphoricTV, the world’s first television network dedicated to the global festival circuit. UphoricTV – The Global Festival Television Network will arrive this fall on Verizon’s go90™, a social entertainment video platform built for the mobile-first generation, as well as other major digital content platforms. UphoricTV – The Global Festival Television Network will provide viewers with an exclusive look into the world of music festivals, from backstage to onstage, as well as coverage from food festivals, film festivals, and other major global cultural destinations. Original programming will include artist and music content, behind-the-scenes footage, documentaries, interviews, and more; with the network also providing curated live-streams and on-demand performances from festivals globally.

“After more than a decade of working with festivals from around the world, we have seen the demand for festival content rise exponentially,” says Parag Bhandari, CEO, UG Strategies. “Festivals of all kinds have become critical to pop culture, with enthusiasm for them rivaling that of major sporting events, each offering so much more than music and thus creating endless sources of creative and unique video content. UphoricTV’s debut on digital, ‘cord-cutting’ platforms such as go90™, alongside major content providers like ESPN, Vice Media, Viacom, and others, manifests how important these events have become.”

“After 25 years in the festival experiential space, I cannot tell you how many fans have begged for us to let them in on what we know and what we see,” says David Corso, CEO, Corso Agency. “UphoricTV is the answer to their demands, and is perfectly aligned to strengthen the burgeoning global festival circuit. We’re excited to access our extensive network in music, entertainment and festivals to help bring this to life.”

In addition to offering viewers live streaming of today’s hottest music talent and events, UphoricTV – The Global Festival Television Network will feature original programming to engage and provide viewers with an insider’s look into the growing communities that surround these events. No other network has offered this sort of access before, and viewers will be treated to exclusive journalism from an insider’s perspective, such as unique interactions that marry artists with the cities they visit, programs that get up close with industry insiders such as festival promoters, celebrity chefs, costume designers and production directors, etc., and much more.

To launch UphoricTV – The Global Festival Television Network, UG Strategies has reached a multi-year content agreement with Verizon, as well as broadcast and video rights with domestic and international festival properties. As partner, Corso Agency will help provide access to festivals, artists and content production. UphoricTV’s diverse programming will first be available in the U.S. only, via go90™, with other domestic and international distributers and multi-channel networks to be announced over the next six to twelve months. UphoricTV – The Global Festival Television Network will also broadcast via YouTube and other social media platforms.

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