September 17, 2015 Last Updated 5:41 am

Book and digital magazine publishing platforms update their apps after launch of iOS 9

Morning Brief: Book platforms Oyster and Kobo, while magazine the publishing platforms Aquafadas and Zinio issue updates, while Apple’s iMovie is updated to add 4K video editing

The release of iOS 9 from Apple yesterday has led to a large number of app updates from many of the major book and digital publishing platforms. So far at least, customers are not reporting any major hiccups associated with the new mobile OS.

New-ZinioBoth Oyster and Kobo updated their digital book service apps late yesterday. “While there are no new “big” features to report with this update, we’ve added some quick little fixes to make Oyster point one better,” states the app description for Oyster’s iOS app. Kobo, only lists bug fixes in its update.

Zinio, the digital magazine newsstand, has changed its logo in its updated app. Personally, I like the old black and white logo better, but whatever. Zinio is found in more and more libraries as the systems move to digital magazines in order to offer more titles to patrons, as well as save floor space.

Google mentions iOS 9 inside its app description for the update for its Google Play Newsstand:

What’s New in Version 3.3
• Support for iPad multitasking on iOS 9
• Performance improvements and bug fixes
• Google Play Newsstand now requires iOS 8 or later

It’s ironic that their app would require iOS 8 or later as their own Android platform is so fragmented among different versions. But as of this week, Apple was reporting that 87 percent of iOS device owners were on iOS 8, with only 2 percent on a generation of iOS older than iOS 7.

Aquafadas was the among first of the digital publishing platforms that magazine designers use to update their issue preview app. The update for Aquafadas Viewer brings the app up to version 3.6.2, and adds a series of enhancements for the PDF reader.

MLB-update-iPadAs demonstrated at the recent iPhone event, At Bat has been updated to add in its picture-in-picture feature to the app.

I’m pleased that chose to include a screenshot of the Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner mowing down the Dodgers, especially considering that it looks like the Giants will be missing the playoffs and the dreaded Dodgers will win the division.

There were plenty of other apps updated due to the release of iOS 9 including Amazon’s main shopping app, simply called Amazon App, CBC News, Dropbox, and Twitter, which mentions that with iOS 9 one can now use the app along side other apps due to the added mulitasking features finally added by Apple.

Apple released an important update of its own with iMovie, that now supports 4K video editing. The feature will allow editing of 4K video shot using one of Apple’s new devices, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, as well as the new iPad Pro when it is released. How you will view these videos on your TV is another thing as Apple did not include 4K support to its soon to be released new Apple TV model (in a move that had everyone scratching their heads).

Very late last night, my iPhone buzzed and I was told I had a system update available. I found this very odd as I had already installed iOS 9 on Monday (using the gold master). The notice said I could install the update now or later. I pressed “Later” and my iPhone proceeded to install an update anyways. I found this very odd, and the behavior mimics a similar incident that occurred last week when some owners where informed that iOS 9 was available (but it wasn’t).

My own iPhone rebooted as if installing a new operating system, which it may have been but did not need to.

The only possibly explanation I can come up with is that there is, in fact, a difference between the gold master and the version of iOS 9 released yesterday. Anyone else experience this?


Apple also released an update for iTunes, bringing the much-in-need-of-a-rewrite software to version 12.3. The update notice mentions that the software is “designed for OS X El Capitan” though I noticed no unusual issues with the app under Yosemite. El Capitan, the new Mac OS, is due to be released to the public at the end of the month.

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