September 16, 2015 Last Updated 9:23 am

Boston Globe lays off a dozen from its web operations

The Boston Globe, once owned by The New York Times Co., but now owned by Red Sox owner John Henry, has laid off 12 staffers of its website.

The layoffs follow the recent departures of Tim Molloy, the site’s editor-in-chief, and Corey Gottlieb, who served as general manager. Molloy had only joined in February after recently working for PBS’s documentary series Frontline, serving as digital engagement editor. Gottlieb left to become VP, Content at DraftKings (yes, the same outfit flooding the airwaves with obnoxious ads).

“Today, we announced a restructuring of’s newsroom and the reduction of 12 full-time staff positions,” the paper announced on Tuesday.

“This is a business decision that is part of a larger effort at Boston Globe Media Partners designed to put in a stronger and more sustainable position for growth. That said, we would be remiss to overlook the fact that this was also a people decision, one that affects the lives of many who have worked tirelessly to support our operation. We are deeply grateful for that work.”

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