September 16, 2015 Last Updated 1:51 pm

Apple releases iOS 9 to iOS device owners, but release of watchOS delayed due to bug

The new Magazines & Newspapers category debuts as simply the Newsstand with another name – meaning, sadly, that its subcategories remain broken, the top carousel left empty

As promised, Apple today released its latest version of iOS 9, but had to postpone the release of its new watchOS due to a reported bug.

iOS9-details-820For those who bother to look through the long – and I mean long – details of the iOS 9 update, you will see the many changes that come with the new mobile operating system.

For those who download and install iOS 9, you will immediately see the new Apple News app. Talking New Media can be found inside it, though because Apple is only letting a select few publishers have access to its Apple News Format, it is not customized. We would certainly appreciate if you search, then add TNM to the add should you decide to use it.

NewMagsCat-800A look inside the App Store, either on your device or on your iTunes software on your Mac, will reveal that Apple has changed the name of the Newsstand category to Magazines & Newspapers. Incredibly, they have launched the new category broken, with the subcategories still without any titles in the top carousels, and with the “New” section still broken (it simply lists apps in alphabetical order).

The Newsstand, and now the Magazines & Newspapers, category has been broken for two years now, and this website has done everything in its power to get Apple to stop giving publishers the bird, but sadly nothing has changed. It would have been nice if those associations that charge publishers to represent their interests would have spent as much time trying to call attention to this issue as they have trying to come up with new sets of measurements to counter the old set of measurements that show the industry suffering. Instead, we have seen most publications begin to lose digital edition circulation the past year or two.

(Just about a year ago word broke that Apple had taken on the team from Prss, the platform used by the TRVL digital magazine app. It was hoped that those brought on would help publishers out by getting Apple to fix some of the major problems publishers were experiencing. Either the new hires have forgotten their roots or Apple is not listening.)

Should you upgrade to iOS 9? Good question. I find it terribly disappointing.

The big reason for me is Home Sharing, it was brought back after Apple took it away in a previous update. Unfortunately, it is buggy and terribly unreliable (I could only get it to stream music for about ten seconds before it failed). The ability to stream music throughout my house was one of the things I really enjoyed with the Apple ecosystem. That they would have taken it away, then brought it back, but broken, is a big negative to me. (I think Apple is not so subtly letting us know that its own AirPlay is a loser.)

But as what I really care is how Apple treats digital publishers, it is easy to see that nothing has changed. The company doesn’t see to mind that a big part of its App Store looks like it had gone out of business long ago. They should consider adding some cobwebs to the design. It’s not that long until Halloween anyways.

Meanwhile, those wanting to get their hands on the new watchOS will have to wait a while. TechCrunch got Apple to send along a statement explaining why it won’t be released at this time:

“We have discovered a bug in development of watchOS 2 that is taking a bit longer to fix than we expected,” an Apple spokesperson told TechCrunch. “We will not release watchOS 2 today but will shortly.”

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