September 3, 2015 Last Updated 1:48 pm

Google updates most of its iOS app, first mention of iOS 9

Long list of app updates released, none of them mentioning the likely reason for the update – the company’s new logo; browser update first to mention ‘support for iOS 9’ though users may think they have jumped the gun

The search giant formerly known as Google… OK, it’s still known as Google despite that whole Alphabet thing… has released updates for most of its apps.

Google-newlogoWe all know why these apps are all being updated, that new logo. But the app updates don’t mention the new logo, but it does seem a very strange coincidence that all these apps would be updated just now. The good news, though, is I get to insert that cool GIF into this post one more time. I do think they did an amazing job on it, and am very impressed that they were able to keep the file size down. I’m jealous. The version here was reduced in size by me, but the original was quite efficient, too.

So, what was updated? Google Photos, Chrome – web browser by Google, Google Translate, Google Docs, Google Drive – free online storage from Google, Google Sheets (their spreadsheet app, not about the laundry), Google News & Weather, Google Admin. Other apps such as Google Maps were updated the day before.

(And as I was typing all this, Google has now released an update for the iOS app for Gmail.)

One of the updates really got my attention, though. The update for the Chrome browser is the first app update I’ve seen that mentions iOS 9 (simply saying “Support for iOS 9”). Apple’s iPhone event is next Wednesday, and it is likely that iOS 9 won’t be released until the following Friday (if Apple sticks to their normal release schedule). So, this is definitely an early release, and one that certainly risks jumping the gun – for instance, updates that attempt to add support for the newest mobile OS often introduce bugs for those who have not upgraded their device, and in this case that means everyone.

And, guess what? Users are now complaining of app crashes.

On the other hand, one could argue that this is a good thing – this allows the developers to quickly spot the problems before iOS 9 is actually released. I’m not sure that is such a good idea, but I also must admit that probably the best iOS app developer out here is Google (ironically enough), not Apple. So, I guess I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

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