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Launch of redesigned Washington Examiner weekly magazine set for September 8

The former tabloid newspaper converted to a magazine format in 2013The Washington Examiner will launch its redesigned look for its weekly magazine next week, the day after Labor Day – which as the press release states below, is the day Congress comes back into session.

The publishing brand was originally launched as a free tabloid newspaper a decade ago, but converted its format to a magazine about two years ago. Washington Examiner also has an Apple Newsstand app, but it does not look like it is very important to the publisher as its app description has not been updated since June of 2013 when it ran a hit piece on Obamacare. It’s last app update was over a year ago and most recently users have complained that the digital edition cuts off the last lines of articles.

The conservative newspaper, now magazine, is owned by MediaDC, which is owned by a subsidiary of Clarity Media Group. Properties the company owns or has owned include other “Examiners” in San Francisco, and Baltimore, The Gazette in Colorado, and The Oklahoman. It also publishes the neoconservative magazine The Weekly Standard. All this, plus countless business interests – mostly in energy industries – are owned by Philip Anschutz.

Anschutz founded his media company when he purchased the San Francisco Examiner from the Fang family, which had purchased the distressed newspaper from Hearst when that publisher took over the Chronicle. In 2004 the company acquired Journal Newspapers Inc. included a group of suburban newspapers. It was a year later that the company then launched the Washington Examiner as a free tabloid newspaper. (Clarity Media sold off the San Francisco Examiner in 2011 to a group led by the Canadian publishing company Black Press Group.)

Here is the announcement for the redesign launch:

WASHINGTON, DC – September 2, 2015Washington Examiner will launch a completely redesigned weekly magazine Tuesday, September 8, as Congress returns to work after its summer recess.

The bright new look, in a format that combines gravitas and clarity, recommits Washington Examiner to providing its growing readership with a handsome print product whenever Congress is in session. The new 9 by 11 inch magazine offers readers 56 pages of policy, news, analysis, commentary and in-depth features — a substantial increase over the 36 pages of the format it replaces.

WashExMag-200The new Washington Examiner is divided into easy-to-navigate sections that focus on Washington political decision-makers and key players. Each week it will provide the nation’s capital with a forward-looking, in-depth, insightful and thoroughly readable briefing on what’s going on, what’s going down, and who’s making things happen.

The cover story of the first issue, “Women on the Move,” features interviews with 10 leading political women — Democrats and Republicans — including presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, about the changing role of women in national politics. There is also an examination of President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, a Q & A with Rep. Trey Gowdy, and the first Pocket Profile of a congressional staffer, which will be a regular weekly feature.

Editorial Director Hugo Gurdon said of the new Washington Examiner, “It is a beautiful publication, completely redesigned to marry modernity, gravitas, energy and seriousness. There is more of it and more in it, and I’m confident it will be well received by the capital’s voracious consumers of top-quality political news.”

Readers and advertisers can expect our customary high standards and a greater volume of serious journalism, both in the new magazine and online. Washington Examiner now offers twice as much content as it did a year ago. We’ve added policy expertise to our staff, beefed up our campaign team, and drawn on think tank scholars and other experts to provide the nation’s best analysis of the underlying issues and probable outcomes of Washington’s political battles.

The magazine redesign matches the recent redesign of the website,, which has been made a user-friendly, highly visual, web-first platform. Both the website and magazine deploy Curator, a wonderfully clear new font designed last year in London. We’re the first news publication in the world to use it, but we won’t be the last.

The combination of daily digital reporting on our website, as well as the analysis of trending topics in our weekly print product, will position Washington Examiner as a high-value contributor to both Beltway insiders and politically-engaged readers across the country.

Senior VP of Advertising Mark Walters adds, “The issues we cover are complex, and our articles are written for a savvy, influential audience who are avid consumers of news about policy and politics. This new format with increased long-form journalism and deep analysis of the issues will resonate with readers and advertisers alike.”

Steve Sparks, President and Chief Operating Officer of MediaDC, parent company of Washington Examiner and The Weekly Standard, says, “We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to the print platform. A handsomely designed, well-written print publication offers an important physical presence in the offices and on the desks of Washington’s important decision makers.”

Source: MediaDC

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