September 2, 2015 Last Updated 9:03 am

Dylan Byers to move from Politico to CNN as senior reporter for media and politics

Byers leaves Politico after nearly four years where he was media reporter, previously having worked at Adweek

The media reporter for Politico, Dylan Byers, is leaving to join CNN as senior reporter for media and politics. Byers has moved up fast, having graduated from Bard College in 2008, the reporter only got his first reporter position in 2011 with Adweek. Byers left there late that year and has been with Politico for nearly four years now.

“Dylan comes to us from Politico where he distinguished himself as a fearless reporter on all things media, willing to take on political figures and media organizations. He’s fast, provocative — and makes news that people want to talk about,” Lex Haris and Rachel Smolkin, the editors of Money and Politics respectively, wrote in a staff memo.

Byers will start at CNN in two weeks, and in addition to his expanded role covering politics will also contribute to CNN’s media news show Reliable Sources.

“Byers is a scoop machine. When I’ve been offline for more than a few hours, the way I see what I’ve missed is by checking his Twitter feed,” wrote media correspondent Brian Stelter on CNN’s website.

“Soon we’ll be working together on stories instead of trying to beat each other to them.”

Shelter, who will turn 30 tomorrow, has himself has moved up fast. Shelter graduated from Towson in 2007 and immediately got a position at The New York Times as a media reporter. He became CNN’s host of Reliable Sources in November of 2013.

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