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Chinese crack down on reporter, others for ‘spreading rumors’ related to market collapse

Only ten days until Apple’s iPhone event when we should learn the release date for iOS 9, and with it the launch of the Apple News app, publishers still await for word on the availability of the Apple News Format

Tt has been a relatively claim day in Asian stock markets today following a couple weeks of volatility. The Shanghai exchange is down less than 1 percent, and European markets are trading virtually unchanged, down ever so slightly. Only the Nikkei is having a bad day, down over 240 points, or more than 1.2 percent.

Wang-screencaptureBut the Chinese government is apparently looking for scape goats to blame for the recent rapid fall in the markets. Today, the Financial Times reported that the government has forced a reporter for a leading financial newspaper to give a public confession on television on his role in spreading panic in the markets.

Wang Xiaolu expressed “deep remorse and apologized” for his role in the stock panic, saying that he had heard private conversations and reported them, adding his own views.

“I acquired the news from private conversations, which is an abnormal way, and added my personal judgment and subjective views to finish this story,” said the reporter for Caijing magazine.

The reporter is not the only one being forced into a public shaming. The Wall Street Journal reports that Chinese authorities have cracked down on “nearly 200 people for spreading online rumors in connection with recent major news events, in a government crackdown on politically sensitive discourse.”

Those accused have “misled society and the public, generated and spread fearful sentiment, and even used the opportunity to maliciously concoct rumors to attack [Communist] Party and national leaders,” the WSJ reported.

Well, if the idea of building fence between the US and Mexico is such a popular idea among Republican candidates, why not up the ante, why not a fence between the US and Canada? Gov. Scott Walker seems to think it is a good idea, saying it is “a legitimate issue for us to look at.”

Great WallTo be fair, the quote from Walker was really in response to a question posed by NBC’s Chuck Tood: “The most famous incident that we had of terrorists coming over our border was on our northern border. Why aren’t you talking about securing the northern border?”

Walker was then pressed on the issue again by Fox News host Sean Hannity: “You’re going to do it at the border with Mexico, but how about the 5,000 miles between the U.S. and Canada?” The conservative TV host replied: “I would do it up there, too. I would do it up there, too.”

Rather than simply answering that he did not see the Canadian border as an issue, or saying that he felt more secure that the Canadian border was secure, he waded right into a controversy.

Not surprisingly, Canadian newspapers have jumped on the story, with The Globe and Mail asking Canada’s defense minister their view on a Great Wall between the US and Canada. They are not, you won’t be surprised to hear, enthusiastic about the idea.

But Canadian readers seem to love the idea, with one reader writing that a wall would “certainly slow down the flow of guns, drugs and weirdo Republicans into Canada.”

Only a handful of media app updates were released late last week. We are now only 10 days away from Apple’s iPhone event, where the company will not only unveil new iPhone models and possibly a new Apple TV, but also give iOS devices owners an idea when iOS 9 will be released.

AppleNews-coming-soonWith iOS 9 comes the demise (or at least evolution) of the Newsstand, and the introduction of the Apple News app. But despite being so close to the launch of the aggregation app, Apple has still not opened up its Apple News Format for those who have been approved to have their content inside it. Only a elect group of media outlets have so far been given access to the solution that will allow publishers to customize the look of their content within the News app.

Of the apps updated was the new video magazine app Hyper (see original TNM post on the app here). The update brings to app to version 1.1 and fixes various bugs and improves the performance of the app on older model iPads and iPad minis.

An update just released this morning is from Al Jazeera Network for its AJ+, its iPhone app.

The app has not received nearly as many reviews inside iTunes as other media apps, but the reviews written have been overwhelmingly positive. This update adds a few new features and moved the comments threads to facilitate reader conversations.

Here is the app description:

What’s New in Version 1.2.4

  • Improved image loading mechanism and provide better loading feedbacks.
  • Merged bookmark and like feature into “My Likes”, it now keeps track of all items that are liked.
  • Moved comment threads to right after card content so that it is easier to get involved in the conversations.
  • Fixed quiz card result page bugs.
  • Improved watch App list layout and loading time.

Photo Credit: The Great Wall by Lori Branham, used icensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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