August 31, 2015 Last Updated 12:11 pm

9to5Mac passes on new Apple TV price rumor, reminding us of iPad price rumors prior to its launch

The Apple rumor site 9to5Mac yesterday reported that its sources say the next generation Apple TV will be priced either at $149 or $199, with “Apple executives are apparently still finalizing the price.”

appletv-remote-300The rumor immediately reminded me of the rumors flying just before the iPad introduction event on January 27, 2010. Before Apple CEO informed attendees that prices would start at $499, there were rumors that the price may exceed $1000. Rumors are, well rumors, so that they would be so far off shouldn’t be a surprise. But my feeling at the time was that Apple would be thrilled to have rumors out in the press that prices would be higher than eventually announced. It allowed the writing of so many stories about Apple pricing the new device below expectations.

That is why I would guess that ten days before the iPhone event on Sept. 9 we are hearing that the new Apple TV will be priced as high as $199. I’d be shocked if it was priced at $99, and only a little disappointed it they priced it at $149. But $199? Not likely.

Of more importance to publishers, however, is the prospect that Apple will finally launch an app store for the Apple TV, one that like the Roku would allow third parties to create channels. There has been only a few rumors claiming this. It Apple doesn’t go in this direction, it will be a good sign that it wants to limit the number channels available on its device, a kind of curation that might prevent the Apple TV from becoming another cluttered mess. But, it also means that those TV devices makers will continue to push hard to get other content providers to create channels. Already one can find channels for TIME¬†magazine and Saveur, among magazine titles, inside the Roku app store, though their channels are merely a collection videos that mirror web content.

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