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Two new digital publishing apps: Rio Gastronomia – O Globo and MOTO Mag from Crash Media

New app from Brazil’s Infoglobo Comunicação e Participações uses the new Adobe DPS, while Crash Media Group’s new digital magazine app uses the Pugpig publishing platform

The introduction of Adobe’s new Digital Publishing Solution has meant that the company is now doing a good job of tweeting and other wise promoting the new apps that are using its platform – if only other platforms were as good at this (see below for another platform that does a good job).

RioGastronomia-tocNick Bogaty, who is the Head of Digital Publishing at Adobe, has been tweeting out new apps – and it’s much appreciated as it become ever more difficult to learn of their release now that many are being released as stand-alone apps rather than inside the Newsstand (where it took a dedicated effort to find them, but there was a way).

Rio Gastronomia – O Globo is from the Brazilian media company Infoglobo Comunicação e Participações S/A. For those not familiar, one can translate the name of the app this way: Rio Gastronomia (Rio Gastronomy) is the country’s largest food event, and O Globo is the company’s newspaper based in Rio de Janeiro.

The app is not a simply digital conversion of a newspaper or magazine, but an app that delivers news and other content, including an archive of the Rio Show magazine (in PDF form) going back to 2012.

Like the other apps that use the Adobe Digital Publishing, it is dependent on having an Internet connection to access the content for the first time. This eliminates the need to download large files, something readers of digital magazines that used the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite often complained about. For iPhone users (this app works on both the iPhone and iPad) this is no problem, but many iPads are WiFi only.

Infoglobo Comunicação e Participações has several other apps inside Apple’s App Store, including one for its media kit, so we may see them use the Adobe DPS more to build new apps, which might allow them to move away from replica editions such as the one for O Globo.

Kaldor’s Pugpig is the other platform does a good job of promoting the new apps launched using its platform (and if that sounds like a challenge to the other platforms, you’re right).

They passed along word of the release of MOTO Magazine from Crash Media Group. The app is the first from the publisher, something you can tell when you see the app description which must have been copied and pasted into Apple’s system. Not a big deal, and easily corrected.

As the name of the magazine implies, this one is about motocross, and the digital edition is available inside not only the Apple App Store, but inside Google Play and online, as well (all the links down below).

A one year subscription is supposed to be available inside the app for £24.99, but when I installed the app all I saw was the option to read the free sample or buy the first issue to make it into the app for $4.99.

Here’s Kaldor’s press release for the new magazine app:


London, England – August 27, 2015Kaldor and Crash Media are pleased to launch the MOTO magazine app using Pugpig Professional on iOS, Android and Web. Previously available only in print, the magazine now adopts a digital-only format and offers fans more of the content they love direct to their mobile device.

Established in 2004, MOTO keeps users up to date with the world of motocross in the UK, Europe and the USA and includes race results from supercross, youth championships and freestyle FMX. Unhindered by the physical restraints of print, the new app delivers content to fans much faster after the chequered flag falls.

The Pugpig-powered app offers fans more content, more picture galleries and exclusive video footage to bring content to life and incorporates search functionality, social media sharing and scrapbooking to favourites. The app is available on both phone and tablet, offering an exceptional user experience across all devices.

William Miller, MD of Crash Media Group says “Our decision to go digital-only shows that we know what motocross fans want and means that we can deliver more of the content they love to the devices that they have on them all the time. “

Jonny Kaldor, CEO and co-founder of Kaldor, the creators of Pugpig says “We’re delighted to have launched MOTO with Crash Media in record time – with only three days set-up. It just goes to show that you can release beautifully responsive mobile apps for tablets and phones faster than ever.”

Download the app from iTunes or Google Play, or view online.

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