August 27, 2015 Last Updated 5:59 pm

The Daily Beast the latest website to cut off comments

The Daily Beast announced today that they have had enough, they were cutting off the comments function. Like some tech sites that have turned off comments, The Daily Beast says they think there is more discussion of their content happening on social media than in their threads.

TDB-flag“Like many of our fellow publications, we have noticed that the conversation around our articles is increasingly happening on social networks, not in the commenting section,” The Daily Beast team wrote on the site. “More and more of you are reaching out directly to our authors to engage in lively and considered back-and-forth on Twitter, Facebook and other channels. We are hoping this decision will encourage and amplify more of this conversation.”

There reasoning is suspect, however. If more and more people are using social media to discuss articles, great. But why turn off comments. They hint at the reason with the next sentencs: “Now, this doesn’t mean that commenting is gone forever: We are looking at multiple ways to bring you an upgraded commenting experience…”

The issue that publishers are grappling with is controlling the conversation through effective moderating of comment threads> Without good moderating they are likely finding that the trolls have taken over the site. Read: The Washington Post.

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