August 26, 2015 Last Updated 11:38 am

mXP survey shows 12% of Android users considering switching to iPhone

But customer satisfaction with Android in survey is high at 82 percent, about the same as for iPhone users

The consumer insights company mXP today sent journalists a little survey on what consumers may do following the release of the new iPhone models. The headline was that 12 percent of Android users may switch to the iPhone this fall, following the release of new models at the September 9 event.

“We call this a micro-study, because it consisted of one question — Are you planning on buying the new iPhone this fall? — which was sent across a network of 12 million+ mobile device users that are a loyal users of the mXP platform,” the company said in its announcement.

Maybe I am being a little contrarian, but I was not so impressed by 12 percent conversion number. Instead, I was struck by the customer satisfaction number they came up with for Android: 82 percent. When one looks at other customer satisfaction reports, such as this one, what strikes you is that Android customers seem about as satisfied with their phones as Apple customers – at least according to the latest surveys.


The reason for this may well be that the Samsung Note 4 was the highest rated phone is that survey linked to. Consumers sometimes confuse the phone with the mobile operating system so any survey that mentions Android, then iPhone is, in a way, comparing apples to oranges.

JD Power’s 2015 survey showed Apple falling behind Samsung when it comes to customer satisfaction, making on wonder if Apple really can attract Android users to make the switch.

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