August 25, 2015 Last Updated 10:18 am

FAITH Catholic signs up with Aysling to provide CMS and DAM services

FAITH Catholic Publishing and Communications publishes 30+ regional magazines, as well as eight digital-only issues

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – August 25, 2015 — Software and services provider Aysling announced today that it recently partnered with FAITH Catholic to implement a customized multi-channel publishing solution for the prominent faith-based custom publisher.

FAITH Catholic Publishing and Communications, based in Lansing, MI, creates and distributes an array of diocesan publications, dominating the Catholic publishing market in the United States with 30+ regional magazines, plus eight digital-only issues. Aysling, a purveyor of digital content and CRM systems, provided a software-based editorial workflow solution to bring FAITH up to date in the cross-media publishing scene.

faith-cover-200“Aysling’s solution will enable us to push content out to many more platforms than before,” said Patrick O’Brien, President and CEO of FAITH Catholic. “Our publishing workflow will become more efficient and smoother as a result.”

Before working with Aysling, one of FAITH Catholic’s biggest struggles was managing nuanced content on multiple platforms, and customizing it for each client. As FAITH Catholic expanded, its previous internal solution was no longer keeping pace with growth.

“The project team at Aysling is uniquely equipped to solve workflow challenges like those found in the creation of FAITH Magazine,” said Patrick Becker, CEO of Aysling. “Oftentimes we end up solving problems that people didn’t even know they had with a customized multi-channel publishing system.”

Aysling’s solution for FAITH Catholic comprises a sophisticated content management system (CMS), a digital asset management (DAM) system, and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. This unique combination makes it possible for FAITH to more easily distribute reusable content across multiple issues while still customizing each with regionally relevant content.

The solution launched in June and the first issues produced and published through the new system will be available to print and digital subscribers beginning this fall.

Source: Aysling

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