August 25, 2015 Last Updated 1:11 pm

Carrington Real Estate Services launches print and digital recruitment magazine

The real estate company Carrington today announced the launch of a print and digital magazine designed to promote its recruitment efforts – hopefully a sign of an improving home market. The branded magazine is certainly not unique for the real estate sector in that large real estate firms have been producing their own homes for sale type publications for a while now.

Fuel-300In fact, this is one reason I left the newspaper business, the realization that my clients were moving in this direction while newspapers were stubbornly refusing to move into custom publishing themselves.

How many copies of their new magazine the plan on distributing is not mentioned, but they are using Issue to produce the online Flash flipbook version.

The first issue, which you can see here, is a modest 20 pages in size, with the next issue due in November.

ANAHEIM, Calif. – August 25, 2015Carrington Real Estate Services, LLC (Carrington) announced today that the first edition of its highly anticipated FUEL Magazine: Refueling Real Estate Careers Volume 1 is now available in print and online. FUEL Magazine is a quarterly publication for real estate professionals that features content developed with today’s market entrepreneurs in mind to maximize earning potential. As one of the 16 operating businesses under Carrington Holding Company, the national real estate brokerage has leveraged its family of companies to serve as contributors to FUEL Magazine, providing a wide range of single-family asset focused content. The publication offers both brief and in-depth pieces authored by members of the company’s leadership team, representing various operating businesses and demonstrating the unique synergy and strength of the Carrington continuum.

Carrington-Issuu“This new resource delivers on Carrington’s promise to provide new and existing agents with leadership, innovation, mentoring and 24/7 access to resources available to assist real estate professionals in reaching their income goals,” said Wendy Forsythe, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Operations for the full-service national real estate brokerage. “We believe a strong business partnership with your brokerage is crucial, and Carrington’s ability to provide resources like FUEL Magazine to our team of agents is just one way we are accomplishing our goal of REFUELing real estate careers and offering valuable tools to take your business to the next level. Through our family of companies, we are able to further deliver on our promise to build strong business partnerships, as well as offer our agents an opportunity to provide unparalleled service to their clients.”

Please visit to access Volume 1 of Carrington’s FUEL Magazine, and watch for Volume 2 scheduled to be published in November 2015.

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