August 18, 2015 Last Updated 12:23 pm promotes its free iPhone and Android apps

The app stores are not exactly helping developers tackle the issue of discovery, so its really up to media owners themselves to invest the time and energy (and money) into app promotions.

So, when I received a press release (see below) that said had released a free mobile app, I assumed they meant a new mobile app. It turns out that the app has been around for awhile – it was originally released in January of 2013 – or that it had been updated recently. But that’s not what is going on here, they simply are promoting the app (as they should).

The app has gotten good user reviews of late, so why not reward good marketing by passing on the release… here it is:


Las Vegas, NV – August 18, 2015 – So you’re sipping on a cold daiquiri at 32 Degrees at MGM Grand when your friends text you from 32 Degrees Draft Bar at M Resort wondering where you are. Don’t feel like too much of an idiot. This all could have been avoided had you just used the new mobile app to get detailed info about where you want to go—whether that’s the next bar or the absolutely closest bathroom to where you’re currently doing the I-really-have-to-go dance.

The mobile app was designed by our Vegas Insiders to help you find your favorite place to eat, drink or party in Vegas, buy show tickets and book hotel rooms right from your mobile device and find the best of the best in Las Vegas with the “Inside Scoop” section. Our insiders work tirelessly, or at least until the clock hits 4:30ish and the beers start flowing, to show users where to find useful information like:

  • Best burgers: Whether it’s the Drive-Thru burger at B&B Burger & Beer or the Gold Standard Burger at Holstein’s, we get you to a burger joint that will have you salivating harder than Pavlov’s dogs when the fire alarm goes off.
  • Cheap drinks: After that awesome burger, you need to keep your night going right with affordable drinks. O’Sheas’ and Ellis Island’s $3 beer options can help you extend your party night into those hours of the night when you’re meeting the most interesting people.
  • Naughty night: Late nights and feeling touchable are pretty much synonymous with Las Vegas. Check out a menu of sexy options, from the Crazy Horse III strip club to Chippendales: The Show. Whatever floats your dingy.

Then start your day all over again with even more Inside Scoop suggestions like Hangover Helpers, Cheap Eats, Swanky Lounges and more.

Don’t know what you’re looking for? That’s cool. We get indecisive sometimes too. Those are usually the nights that end in the best stories. See what’s nearby your current location thanks to the app’s GPS compatibility. To find the nearest restroom, valet station or whatever it is you may seek, just check out the “Nearby” sections of different categories, and the app will show you all the stuff you were too distracted by the tourist in the tube top to see.

The mobile app is available now for iOS and Android devices. It will make you an expert on all things Vegas except how to cheat at blackjack. Come on, we have to keep some secrets to ourselves.

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