August 17, 2015 Last Updated 10:36 am

Szosa, new cycling magazine from Poland, releases a native digital edition into the Apple Newsstand and Google Play

In the dying days of the Apple Newsstand, still the occasional well-designed, native digital edition is released, giving hope that the digital edition is not going away

The end of the Apple Newsstand as we have known it is less than a month a way, and so it is not surprising to see the flow of new tablet and smartphone editions launched into the distribution device slow down considerably. Once a couple of replica makers are still uploading titles into the Newsstand, some of them so bad that it is hard to imagine the end result was what the publisher expected (see the iPhone screenshot for this app as an example).

Szosa-cover-iPadHappily, there are still the occasional new native digital edition released that gives one hope that the replica makers have not destroyed digital magazine publishing for every reader and every publisher.

A new cycling magazine, published out of Wroclaw, Poland is a good example. Szosa, which means Road, has launched inside the Newsstand with native digital editions for both the iPad and iPhone. Though I generally like to take screenshots for the iPad (they show up better on the website) the iPhone edition here is especially nice.

(The digital magazines is also available for Android through the Google Play store.)

The new app contains three issues, including one that is free to access. Otherwise, issues are €2,99 a piece, or €11,99 for an annual subscription (6 issues).

Szosa-tocThe magazine features fairly plain digital page layouts, with a simple table of contents – that translates well for smartphone reading.

ROAD is the first Polish magazine for those who identify with road bike cycling and the emerging culture around it. We have been working on this project for several months and look forward to its release.

The new magazine will distribute around 10,000 copies in print, and worked on the digital editions right from the start. We wish them all the luck in the world. Check it out yourself.

Meanwhile, wither the Newsstand store? There has been no word from Apple concerning their plans (and meanwhile there has been no word from Apple on when we can expect their Apple News Format to become generally available). To say that this is unacceptable is an understatement. Apple has seemingly gone out of its way to be less than helpful towards its publishing partners of late. I can’t believe Apple would ever treat its developer community so poorly.