August 12, 2015 Last Updated 8:27 am

Microsoft launches Translator apps for iOS and Android

If you are one of those who are frustrated with Google Translate – and really, who isn’t – then there may be an alternative for you. Microsoft has launched iPhone and Android apps for Microsoft Translator, and the early reviews are good.

The app supports quite a list of languages, with most having speak-to-translate, though not all.

Here is the app description:

Microsoft Translator helps you break the language barrier wherever you’re traveling or have a need to translate anything in your daily life. Quickly translate phrases on your Apple watch, or use the companion iPhone app when it’s more convenient.

Microsoft Translator

  • On your watch: Speak to your watch and get an instant translations in 50 languages
  • Not sure how to pronounce the translation? Let Translator speak the phrase for you.
  • Noisy environment? Just show someone your watch or phone. In addition, on the phone, large full-screen translation cards make it easy to show others what you’re trying to communicate
  • Bookmark your translations for later use the translations you want to save and look-up recent translations
  • All your translations are synchronized between your watch and your phone, settings too
  • On the phone companion app, in addition to speech translations from your watch’s language, you can select other speech languages or you can type on your keyboard (really useful for noisy places!). You can also and copy & paste translation from and to other apps

The Microsoft Translator app is powered by cutting edge technology that’s also used by Office, Bing, Skype, Internet Explorer as well as partners such as Twitter, Yelp, eBay, WeChat and many more.

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