August 5, 2015 Last Updated 8:27 am

The National Hockey League signs 6 year, $100 million a year deal with MLB Advanced Media

Morning Brief: Baseball’s technical arm is being spun off in order to be able to provide digital media and app services for other companies and organizations

The National Hockey League announced late yesterday that Major League Baseball Advanced Media and the league had entered into a six year deal to have MLB’s technical publishing division manage its assets GameCenter Live, NHL Center Ice, NHL Network and The new venture will launch new digital media products likely in January.

MLB-screen-420“It’s really all about the fans and giving them the ability to not only continue to connect with the game, in what up until this point had been unprecedented ways, but to look to the future and our ability to create even richer content with even better access,” NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said. “It’s transformational, to say the least. We think it’s the type of deal that the ever-evolving technology age requires.

MLB Advanced Media is being essentially spun-out so that it can sign deals such as this one with other companies and organizations. As part of this deal, MLB Advanced Media will pay the NHL $100 million a year for six years, plus the NHL gets a 10 percent stake in the new entity.

“Baseball has done a great job in building up BAM as an industry leader, and getting more fans to experience the game in new ways is what we do,” John Collins, the NHL’s COO said. “MLBAM is going to allow us, on the production and technology fronts, to be in front of the curve, because of their scale, on a lot of these opportunities as it relates to hockey.”

MLB has enjoyed tremendous success with its At Bat website and apps, though it has taken a number of years to improve the quality of the streaming. But the league’s new beta video player is top of the line, allowing almost instant switching between video and audio streams.

Media app updates:

A slow day for app updates, and that is to be expected as we are only a little over a month away from Apple’s release of iOS 9. Most updates are bug fix updates such as the update for <strong>Mag+ Reviewer, the preview app for the digital publishing platform. The update brings the app up to version 5.6.1.

ESPN updated its main mobile app, also called simply ESPN, to fix an issue that prevented some users from receiving alerts.

The BBC updated BBC News to fix a data storage issue.

As for iOS 9, we remain on beta 4 inside the Apple developer website. The latest beta fixes some issues developers were reporting such as the inability to use the volume button to take photos and the crash in Game Center when signing in.

Two youth magazines in Japan have announced that they will soon be shuttered. Takarajima and CUTiE, both published by Takarajimasha Inc., will shutdown due to falling circulation levels.

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