August 4, 2015 Last Updated 8:00 am

Scots turning away from daily newspapers, study shows

The BBC reported today on the decline in daily newspaper readership behavior in Scotland, finding that 41 percent of Scots read a daily newspaper each morning, down from 76 percent in 1999. A third of those surveyed said they check online news or newspaper websites each day.

“It’s clear that the way we consume news is constantly evolving, with 1 in 3 of us now reading news online on a daily basis,” Rachel Ormston, head of attitudes at ScotCen Social Research, said.

“While this figure still lags behind the 4 in 10 who say they read a daily newspaper regularly, newspapers’ struggles for sales are reflected in the very steep decline in regular readers we have recorded over the last 15 years.”

Sales of individual newspaper titles in Scotland fell across the board during the July to December 2014 period according to the report – with only The Times rising at all, only 1 percent, to 18,800 in sales. The Scottish Sun and Daily Record remain the largest newspapers in Scotland by far, with sales of 235,000 and 197,500 respectively. The Scotsman averaged 26,300 in sales, down 11 percent. Only 9,700 copies of The Guardian are sold in Scotland during the same six month period.

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