August 3, 2015 Last Updated 2:48 pm

Qantas tests out the new Adobe DPS in its continuously updated digital magazine app

The stand-alone magazine app, built for the iPhone and iPad, has its editorial content grouped into collections which can be updated throughout the month

The new digital edition for The Window, from Barneys New York, won’t be released until September (see this story), but another example of a retail brand using digital editions is the new app from Australia’s largest airline Qantas Airways Limited. Its new app, Qantas Magazine: For The Best Travel Information and Inspiration, was unveiled at Adobe’s NYC event for the release of the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution and comes from the firm Medium Rare Content Agency, which worked on the app with Content & Workflow, a WoodWing Solution Partners in Australia.

Qantas-iPadThe app does not look like your regular digital edition built using Adobe DPS. For one thing, if the reader were to start swiping the stories they would be out of the most recent month’s issue in a couple of swipes. Instead, in order to access most of the stories one needs to scroll down from the “cover” to the TOC and go from there. The animated GIF at right gives you an idea of what that looks like.

“With content in DPS now saved as individual articles and grouped in collections, we can use the home screen of the app to group content in different ways to meet editorial and marketing needs,” said Gerry Reynolds, managing director of Medium Rare. “For example, we can feature collections of articles on key destinations Qantas knows are a priority, as well as trends Medium Rare knows are popular, and also cater to advertising by allowing sponsored content on the home screen.”

The app is universal, and one can see even on the iPad how well this will work on an iPhone. The digital issues stick to portrait, but there is plenty of variation in the look which will keep readers interested. The font choices are find, even on an iPad mini, very much as one would expect with an Adobe DPS built digital magazine.

Qantas-iPhone6-380Readers who do swipe from the front will reach the July issue, so this is an app that doesn’t offer issues, per se, but one continuously publishing digital edition.

“Until now, the iPad edition of Qantas Magazine launched at the same time as the print edition, on the first of every month,” said Jo Boundy, head of digital and entertainment at Qantas. “This meant that customers had no reason to engage with the edition more than once. Our new Qantas Magazine app is updated throughout the month, providing readers with fresh, snackable content even when they’re not traveling. In addition to broadening our distribution and improving ongoing engagement, it lets us maximize our content and provide customers with engaging travel information and inspiration along every step of their journey.”

If there is any problem with the app it is that if one turns on Airplane Mode too quickly the content will not load. I did this myself to test if the app needed an Internet connection to work. Well, yes and no. If one opens the app while having a connection and looks at an issue it will download the content. But I flipped on Airplane Mode a minute of two into looking at the issues and then found that July’s content was not there. Turning it off them and then hitting “refresh” then loaded the content.

Like most of the magazines from the airlines, and almost all brand apps, this one is free to download and access. If you are interested in seeing what designers are coming up with using the new Adobe DPS this new digital magazine app from Qantas is essential viewing (reading).

  • Wojtek Szywalski 2 years ago

    I like the design of table of content. Looks similar to early The Guardian’s tiled menu.