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Gannett expands creative services agreement with InnerWorkings

The announcement below looks like a new outsourcing agreement between the Chicago company InnerWorkings and Gannett – but the relationship actually goes back to at least 2012 when the two companies signed a five year deal for print management services.

“With InnerWorkings, we are streamlining our third-party printing across our business units,” Evan Ray, president of Gannett Publishing Services, said at the time. “Through this partnership, we will further enhance cost savings for the company.”

Gannett recently split in two, with the newspaper division retaining the Gannett name, but losing its important digital media properties, and the broadcast side getting the rather awful name TEGNA, but getting and Careerbuilder in return.

Here is the new announcement from InnerWorkings:

CHICAGO, Ill. – August 3, 2015 — InnerWorkings, Inc., the leading marketing execution firm, has expanded its marketing execution partnership with Gannett Co., Inc. Under the new multi-year agreement, InnerWorkings will exclusively manage Gannett’s direct response team and will provide a comprehensive solution for marketing execution – from creative ideation and design through production.

InnerWorkings-flagGannett expanded its relationship based on InnerWorkings’ longstanding track record of improving direct response capabilities while managing Gannett’s U.S. consumer marketing print operations. InnerWorkings’ creative services team of 30 design professionals will sit onsite at Gannett and collaborate with InnerWorkings’ current print management team to enhance accountability, shorten turnaround times, and optimize marketing efforts.

InnerWorkings’ creative services team will offer end-to-end creative execution, including graphic design, creative ideation, versioning, copywriting, and pre-press support. Gannett will benefit from efficiencies in its marketing operations and InnerWorkings’ proven expertise as a direct marketer.

“This step will strengthen our long-term partnership by giving Gannett the opportunity to benefit further from the flexibility of our growing creative services team,” said Harris Atkins, Senior Vice President of Business Development at InnerWorkings. “Together, our creative execution, direct marketing, and total production expertise provide Gannett with a one-stop partnership that brings new ideas, efficient operations, and quality at every turn.”

“InnerWorkings will ensure even stronger execution in support of our local market consumer sales requirements,” said Andy Yost, Chief Marketing Officer at Gannett. “With InnerWorkings’ help, Gannett’s local media properties will continue to be served in a timely, professional, and cost-effective manner.”

Source: InnerWorkings

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