July 29, 2015 Last Updated 11:41 am

Turkish Statistical Institute reports newspaper/magazine circulation dropped 7.6%

The decline in newspaper and magazine readership – print, that is – appears to be fairly universal. Today the Turkish Statistical Institute released data on readership of newspapers and magazines in Turkey and found that while the number of publications was fairly stable, total circulation had fallen in 2014.

“Total annual circulation of newspapers/magazines decreased by 7.6 percent in 2014 compared to 2013,” the authors of the report said. “Total annual circulation of the newspapers/magazines published in our country was 2,274,530,479 in 2014. 94.1 percent of these were newspapers. 14.1 percent of the total annual circulation was of local newspapers/magazines, 2 percent was of regional newspapers/magazines, 83.9 percent was of national newspapers/magazines.”


As you can see above, while the declines in newspaper readership has been ongoing, the magazine industry in Turkey has held its own in recent years. While the Turkish Statistical Institute did not theorize why circulation levels have been falling, digital media options are probably the culprit. Internet usage in the country has grown from just over 2 million users at the beginning of the century to well over 35 million as of last year, according to internetlivestats.com.

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