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New aggregated news website, News Ninja, generates new headlines of trending stories

This press release may amuse the journalists who read TNM: Infegy has just launched a new news site called News Ninja which the company says will “change the way people discover news.”

That’s highly unlikely, and the claim has been made many times before. The good news is that the site, while trying to grab eyes through aggregation, doesn’t actually try and rewrite stories, only gather them together in one place under a new headline. So, stories about Cecil the Lion, for instance, can be found under the new headline Outrage Over Dentist Who Admitted Killing Cecil the Lion, but the stories are from news outlets and the links take you directly to those sites.

What’s the business model here? Well, that seems pretty clear, it can automatically generate new headlines for news stories that Google can pick up and drive traffic back to the site. Right now testing News Ninja headlines doesn’t seem to being picked up, but it might be too early on.

It will be interesting to see if Apple eventually approves a News Ninja app. The app would have to contain the headlines and links of the news organizations News Nijna is aggregating and may violate section 8 of the guidelines, though Apple has rarely cared much for some sections of the guidelines such as section 18.

Here is the company’s announcement:

Kansas City, MO – July 29, 2015 – Infegy, a provider of social media intelligence technology for major brands, ad agencies and market researchers, today unveiled News Ninja, a first-of-its-kind, automated news generator that uses Infegy’s software to analyze what people from all over the world are saying online in real-time and generate stories about trending topics. The free site will change the way people discover news by enabling them to know the topics that are trending at any given moment based on what people are actually talking about rather than just what news sites and popular blogs are reporting.

NewsNinjaAccessing Infegy’s massive database of online content, News Ninja uses text analysis software to understand the key topics and themes being discussed on the web. The site then uses statistical analysis to filter out irrelevant information and determine which topics are significant, attributing them a buzz score based on popularity. Finally, News Ninja applies Infegy Linguistics to take all the information analyzed and construct descriptive headlines that summarize the content.

Users have the ability to filter up-to-the-minute trending headlines based on interests including fashion, entertainment, sports, finance, tech, politics and world news. The Past News feature provides users with the most popular stories over a given period of time, searchable by year, month, week or day, to identify trending stories back to March 2015 with support being added later to go back even further.

“News Ninja presents an evolution in news discovery, using what people are talking about to uncover the topics that are trending at any moment,” said Justin Graves, CEO and founder of Infegy. “This completely flips the existing dynamic of powerful entities deciding what is newsworthy, instead determining newsworthiness based on what individuals actually find interesting. By using Infegy’s innovative technology to analyze what people are discussing online, we’re able to provide instant stories on fashion, entertainment, foreign affairs – whatever will be trending next.”

Journalists can use News Ninja to quickly and easily identify which stories are garnering interest online so they can break the news before other outlets. The news aggregator is also useful to marketing and social media professionals who need a faster and more efficient way of determining what people are discussing in order to take advantage of timely and relevant trending topics for their online marketing campaigns.

Infegy plans to introduce mobile app versions of News Ninja for Android and iOS in the near future.

Source: Infegy

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