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GfK study finds many consumers still ‘on the fence’ about value of cloud storage

The new study from GfK examines the opinions of consumers in 22 countries on the value of cloud storage, finding that almost 30 percent of Americans are skeptical. As one might expect, younger respondents saw more value in cloud storage, while those over 50 years of age saw little value in cloud storage.

While the study apparently only asked about cloud storage, in general, it would have been interesting to see data in regards towards cloud document storage. It is one thing to have one’s music stored in the cloud, another to have your business plan stored there.

Here is GfK’s announcement of their findings:

NEW YORK, NY – July 29, 2015 — A recent GfK study has shown that, when it comes to the cloud, America is on the fence. Three in ten (29%) US Internet users find no value in cloud storage, but another 27% consider it essential.

The 29% score places the US among the bottom 7 of 22 countries covered by the study, with the UK, Sweden, Belgium, Australia, Canada, and Germany registering more negative scores regarding the usefulness of the cloud.

The research points to vast generational differences in cloud attitudes; roughly half of US Internet users in the age groups of 50 to 59 (44%) and 60-plus (55%) said they do not see value in cloud storage, while much lower proportions (16% and 12%, respectively) in those groups see the cloud as essential. Among the six age brackets measured, the highest positive score for the cloud in the US was 41%, registered by the 30-to-39 group.

Positive sentiments about the cloud were slightly higher among US men when compared to women (30% and 25%, respectively); but women were slightly more likely to have negative feelings about the cloud, with 31% saying they do not see its value (compared to 28% for men).

Internationally, nearly a third (31%) of all surveyed agree that cloud storage is essential to them, with the highest levels registered by Mexico (49%), Brazil (44%), Turkey (43%), China (40%), and Russia (37%). At the other end of the scale, Japan shows the lowest level (10%) of agreement that the cloud has value, followed by Germany (12%).

Source: GfK

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