July 20, 2015 Last Updated 8:05 am

The Charleston Gazette and Charleston Daily Mail merged into one newspaper

The Charleston Gazette and Charleston Daily Mail (West Virginia) have merged into one newspaper, the Charleston Gazette-Mail, editors announced on Sunday. The papers, which once were independent, combined way back in 1958, having one business and production unit, but separate editorial staffs.

GM-300“This is not one paper gobbling up the other. It is a combination of the two newsroom staffs working in cooperation to produce the most comprehensive news product in West Virginia. We are committed to producing the best example of journalism delivered to your home, in the paper boxes, on your mobile devices and on your computer every morning,” the paper stated in a Sunday column.

The announcement comes as the judgement by the Department of Justice in an anti-trust suit expired on July 19.

The papers are owned by MediaNews Group (Digital First Media). The Gazette is known as the more liberal newspaper and has a weekday circulation of 32,264, while the conservative Daily Mail has a weekday circulation of 16.419, according it the latest AAM audit. The combined Sunday circulation is 58.515.

“We are committed to two completely independent editorial pages — the one on the left representing the Gazette’s progressive view and the one on the right keeping the Daily Mail’s conservative view. This format has been enjoyed by our readers for more than a decade in our combined Saturday publication and more recently in our combined holiday editions,” the paper said.

There will be a staff meeting today where, it is assumed, any word of layoffs will be announced or discussed.

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