July 17, 2015 Last Updated 9:31 am

The Donald gets The New Yorker cover treatment – and why not, he leads in latest Fox News poll

Despite it still being early in the campaign cycle, the first GOP debates are just a few weeks away, with the first candidate forum set for Aug. 3, the first Fox News debate Aug. 6

The latest Fox News poll shows the Donald leading other Republican candidates for the Presidential nomination. It could be that those surveyed are just trolling the media, but who cares, we have a summer story!

TNY-trump-300The latest poll has Donald Trump at 18 percent of survey respondents, – and while 18 percent seems like a low percentage to be leading with, it is actually the highest percentage yet recorded by any republican candidate so far this year.

Scott Walker comes in second at 15 percent, while Jeb Bush falls to third at 14 percent. Sen. Lindsey Graham and Gov. Bobby Jindal lost all support and do not register at all in the survey. Sen Ted Cruz may today have a book on the NYT’s bestseller list (if you missed this, they relented and will include the book at #7 this week), but he continues to poll at only 4 percent.

Exhibiting perfect timing, The New Yorker next week will feature the Donald on the cover with a pretty appropriate illustration, if you ask me.

But don’t cry for ol’ Jeb Bush, according to this rather confusing NYT story (they really made a mess of it), Bush has raised over $114 million dollars so far, far more than his rivals – and though Trump may be rich, he is unlikely to spend his money on a poor investment, himself.

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