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The World of Fine Wine 11 year archives published via web, as well as iOS and Android apps

Demand for archived issues of magazines is high, as evidenced by attempt by reader to publish back issues of photography magazine online (apparently without permission)

One of the more logical uses of the PDF replica is to make magazine and newspaper archives available to the public. Today Exact Editions announced that the 11 year archive for The World of Fine Wine will be available on its website, as well as through the magazine’s iOS and Android apps.

Of course, another way to release a magazine’s archives is online. But should you decide to do this you might want to make sure you have the right to do this.

wordpresssitePhotography enthusiast Daniel Neal, according to PetaPixel, decided that he should share his back issues of Leica Photography magazine. So he created a WordPress.com website and uploaded scans of issues going all the way back to 1949 to Google Drive.

The new website, I’m sure was much appreciated by photography buffs, but it probably didn’t take long for the copyright holders to find the site and object, or else Google decided for themselves to delete the archives. No matter, the site is now gone.

But there is certainly a lesson here: readers are anxious to read those older issues, and researchers and authors are, as well. About two years ago or so I met with the publisher of a very famous music magazine to discuss with him the magazine’s plans for their archives. My own suggestion was to create a series of book projects, done in partnership with TNMDM – that assumed they were already considering publishing their magazine back issues in some form (most likely as PDF replicas). To my disappointment, I found that the magazine had no interest in pursuing books, or publishing their archives in any form. In fact, they told me, they had no interest in anything digital. That magazine had, at the time, a PDF replica app, but their vendor went out of business and later they went with another vendor (which resulted in readers losing their back issues and having to repurchase the magazines).

Here is the announcement for The World of Fine Wine archives:

London, UK – July 16, 2015 — The award winning magazine for wine enthusiasts and experts, The World of Fine Wine, has announced the launch of its entire 11 year archive. The complete series of 48 issues, 5,000 pages and counting of the monthly magazine are accessed at the click of a button via Exact Editions, as well as the iOS and Android apps.

Worldoffinewine-300The World of Fine Wine, and the publishers Progressive Media International, have worked with digital content specialists Exact Editions to digitise the archive, making this awesome resource readily available to print and digital subscribers alike. The extensive archive makes for a fantasticn resource; available for universities, corporations and other organisations, who can take out a specialist network subscription utilising Exact Editions IP authentication technology.

First launched in 2004, The World of Fine Wine has for over a decade delivered high quality, authoritative editorial content for the global wine aficionado. From the first issue it has been edited by Neil Beckett, supported by an expert team of contributors including Hugh Johnson, Jancis Robinson, Andrew Jefford, Michael Broadbent and Roger Scruton among others. Winner of the Louis Roederer International Wine Publication of the Year award three times, The World of Fine Wine takes a sophisticated approach to the assessment of fine wine that is neither dominated by fad or fashion, making the publication indispensable for the global fine wine aficionado, student or scholar.

“It is great to see the archive so accessible on an iPad,” Neil Beckett, Editor of The World of Fine Wine said of the archive launch. “Subscribers to our magazine now have instant access to all our back issues. The archive is a valuable resource for all lovers of fine wine, as well as any library needing coverage of the history and culture of wine.”

“We are delighted to be working with Progressive Media International to deliver this remarkably rich and authoritative archive to all The World of Fine Wine subscribers,” Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions said.

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