July 15, 2015 Last Updated 2:27 pm

Three newspapers look to break Fox News monopoly on GOP debates by hosting forum

Newspapers in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Iowa invite all comers to a candidate forum in early August, with those excluded by Fox News among first to accept invitation

There are 10 candidates for President in the Republican Party. Oops, I’m sorry, there are 15. No, actually there are at least 31, though about half are not very serious about running. The answer, it seems, really is… well, debatable.

Fox News, though, doesn’t want the debates as ridiculous a morning with Fox & Friends, so it has said it would limit its debates to the top 10 candidates based on polling. This doesn’t sit well with many voters, let alone those candidates that might be excluded.

GOP-candidatesSo three daily newspaper in states holding early primaries or caucuses have invited the candidates to participate in another debate, this one to be held on CSPN.

The newspapers, the New Hampshire Union Leader, in partnership with The Post and Courier of Charleston, South Carolina, and The Gazette of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, will hold a candidate forum August 3 at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics in which just about everyone is invited.

As you would expect, all those currently on the outside have said they will be there, as will Sen. Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Rick Perry and Chris Christie – each of whom have also been included in the Fox News debates.

Those missing, also not surprisingly, are those currently polling near the top of the head: Jeb Bush and Donald Trump, each probably fearing that the massive event will turn into an attempt to push whoever is at the top of the hill off it.

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