July 8, 2015 Last Updated 1:45 pm

MLB.com at Bat updated for the All-Star game, Amazon Music update tackles AirPlay issues

Twitter updates its Periscope app, improving profile features, as well as fixing some bugs

I speculated as recently as Monday that we wouldn’t see many media app updates as a result of the release of iOS 8.4, but that come September developers would once again be scrambling following iOS 9’s debut. I guess I have been right so, there haven’t been that many updates released this week, but there have been some – and most, I would guess, have been in the works for a while and are unrelated to any update of iOS.

Take, for instance, MLB.com At Bat. It was updated today to version 8.3.0 because of the All-Star game next Tuesday.

MLB-iPadAir2-600What’s New in Version 8.3.0

  • All-Star Game edition for complete coverage of the Midsummer Classic from Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati (July 14)
  • Watch the Home Run Derby live (July 13)
  • Live video of the All-Star Game, available for MLB.TV subscribers via FOX’s participating video providers
  • Pull to refresh News and Video (iPhone)
  • General improvements

The update mentions, at the end, general improvements, but who knows what those are. I have been a frequent critic of the app, but must admit that I have few issues with it now.

The app, in its many forms, varies in performance across platforms. The iOS version seems to work fine on the iPhone and iPad, but the Apple TV version still is an under-performer. But I think that has everything to do with the Apple TV, which Apple failed to update at WWDC as widely expected, and is woefully underpowered.

The Roku version performs much better, but that probably has to do with the fact that the Roku 3 is a newer device.

I should also mention that MLB.com’s new web player is fantastic, allowing you to switch back and forth between audio and video streams seamlessly.

It’s taken awhile, but I have to admit that the apps from MLB.com are pretty good, maybe even great.

Amazon has updated its iOS app for Amazon Music. The update fixes issues the app was having with AirPlay. Whatever they did to improve AirPlay performance I hope they shared with Apple because AirPlay has become a problem.

AmazonMusic-icon-featureFirst, many users have found that AirPlay just isn’t functioning that well of late. I recently bought a nwe Denon receiver that has as one of its input options Bluetooth and quickly discovered that compared to AirPlay, using Bluetooth from my iPhone is rock solid.

Second, home sharing is a feature many Mac and iPhone owners liked to use in order to play their music libraries. I used to regularly use it with the Apple TV to play music from my downstairs Mac to the Apple TV. Technically, I suppose, home share is the same as AirPlay, yet it is – it’s just using WiFi to content to Apple devices.

But the along with the release of the new iTunes with Apple Music came the loss of home sharing (except for video). Word is that it will be added back this fall, but it has a lot of Mac/iOS device owners pretty upset – at least those that used it.

Like MLB.com, the Amazon Music app can be found in other forms such as an Android app, but also through Roku.

Twitter owned Periscope, its video broadcast app, has gotten another update. Unlike the app updates for Twitter itself, these updates always seem pretty substantial and greatly improve the app.

What’s New in Version 1.1.2
[+] From your profile, you can now edit your full name (along with your description and photo).
[+] After tapping on a comment to block someone, that message will appear as blocked (to you only).
[+] Redesigned the featured users section, as well as the broadcast share sheet.

Other changes:
– When the keyboard is up, you can now swipe to get rid of it (previously, doing that would exit the broadcast).
– Your username is now visible from your profile.
– Fixed a bug that was causing messages at the beginning of a replay to get held up / out of sync.
– Fixed an audio encoder crash that was happening to certain people while watching a broadcast.
– Improved “Sign In” copy to clarify that you can log back in to an existing account (without creating a new one).
– Fixed a translation bug for Dutch users.

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